A girl in Guangdong province got a high score in the postgraduate entrance exam and cried for half an hour after seeing her result

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Guide language:As our country pays more and more attention to the quality of Chinese people, now most people can go to school, and more and more people choose to improve their educational background. According to statistics, last year, the college entrance examination registration has exceeded 10 million, while the postgraduate registration has exceeded 4.5 million. It can be said that more and more people realize the importance of academic background.Many students who do not do well in the college entrance examination want to change their fate by taking the entrance examination, but we should also know that the entrance examination is not as easy as it looks.We often say that as long as the efforts will be fruitful, and clearly this sentence is not applicable for one’s deceased father grind students, graduate student exam is not the same as the university entrance exam, college entrance examination when everyone is only one common goal, that is to go to college, and enroll postgraduate exam examinee purpose is different, most is to want to improve their own qualifications, good to find a job in the future.But some students are not to take an exam to take an examination of the heart, this part of the candidate before the exam review did not go to take the test, and the examinee is don’t want to work so soon, want to continue to learn, this is a typical escape behavior, but most of the students are able to eat no matter what one’s deceased father grind the bitter, ultimately no sweet without sweat.Although the result is important but not the most important however, it is good that oneself had tried only, it is to take an examination of grind to check stage recently, a lot of examinees basked in the report card that gave him.A girl in Guangdong province got a high score in the postgraduate entrance exam and cried for half an hour when she saw her result.Some net friend is say like this: after all is that beam of light illuminates the road in my dark night, took me forward and go, more than in front but more than here, can see this net friend is also quite naughty.In one of the comments, which received high praise, he wrote: “I guess I passed the exam. It can be said that this sentence is quite reminiscent of Lu Xun, which also attracted many netizens to imitate.Although the netizens only said that they passed the exam and did not talk about their review process, it is not difficult to imagine that this process must be boring, and even once had the idea of giving up, but we all insisted on it, which is also the result of our efforts.We all know lu Xun once wrote that there are two trees in front of the door, one is a cherry tree, the other is still a cherry tree, and the smart net friend compared the two cherry trees to the entrance examination and the second test of the notice, it is not difficult to see that the net friend for himself is quite confident, also hope he can like he said that successful ashore.Examination result is not only the student care, parents also paying attention to, the parents are drying up after the result come out, in the video, we can see different students’ performance after see your grades is different also, some students were very excited, and even the students are laughing at the beginning, but later started to cry,One guangdong examinee cried for half an hour after seeing her score.We all know that the college entrance examination and postgraduate examination are national unified examination, but the college entrance examination is nominally unified, but the examination papers used in different areas are not the same, some places are the use of local examination papers, for is as far as possible to reflect the fairness of education.Graduate student exam is not the same, this is a real sense of national unity examination, while the former guangdong examinee in check grade with is the same as the other candidates, were waiting at the computer desk, family and oneself want is the first time know oneself one’s deceased father grind scores, the final check to take an examination of 420 high score is also very happy, but smiled and laughed and wept,Want to also feel oneself this all the way pay also finally had the good result.Many people who have not participated in the postgraduate examination do not know that the postgraduate examination is different from the college entrance examination. The total score of the postgraduate examination is only 500 percent, and only a few majors have other kinds of examinations. Most majors have basic examinations and professional examinations, so it is very rare to get this score.This is undoubtedly the highest score of her major, but netizens were shocked that the girl cried for half an hour when she saw her grade, so some netizens started to make sarcastic comments about the girl.Some netizens thought her crying was exaggerated, while others said there was no need, as they were still struggling to live without a degree.Conclusion: We don’t know if these netizens really don’t understand or are just saying it out of envy.Most people should be able to understand why the girl cried so badly, first of all, I must be very excited, I have prepared for the exam for so long, only I know how much I have paid in the process, but now I am very happy to have the reward, I want to vent my depressed emotions for so long.Some netizens said that there is no difference between the level of education, which is no longer applicable in this era, the higher the degree, the better life you can live in the future, also hope that the majority of candidates can harvest a desired result.