The real economic interests of lawyers in law firms and the cohesion of law firms

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I had a long talk with the client this morning.The customer is a temporary stone enterprise.He talked about some things in the enterprise, saying that the boss died because of a traffic accident, the owner’s wife took a small child to run a stone factory, the owner’s wife said that the enterprise is difficult to operate, low wages, wages will be depressed to the lowest level in the same industry, requiring workers to work well;Regular workers get benefits at the end of the year, but their temporary workers get none.I think of law firms, and I talk about the pay of hired lawyers in law firms and the so-called cohesion of lawyers.First, the pursuit of practical economic interests of lawyers employed by lawyers.Since the law firm employs lawyers, then these hired lawyers are the employees of the law firm, and the law firm should protect the pursuit of the economic interests of these employees.Don’t recruit people if you can’t meet their economic goals.These economic interests are the basis for hiring lawyers to support their families, not to harm people, right?Just because you’re struggling as a law firm doesn’t mean you’re underpaying your lawyers, does it?Even if law firms make more money, they won’t share more of the profits of law firms that hire lawyers, will they?Hiring lawyers is all about doing more.As for the employment of lawyers and law firms in some cases is not a matter of labor relations, such as a period of time to write a special article about this aspect.Second, the cohesion of the law firm is the law firm through small matters for the employment of lawyers care process.For example, during holidays and festivals, appropriate material care will be given to the hired lawyer, so that the hired lawyer feels that he is a person with a unit. When the lawyer has difficulties in business, appropriate support will be given to the lawyer. When there are doubts about legal problems, the lawyer can help solve the conflict in court.The firm is able to organize annual trips where lawyers can strengthen their emotional connection.Such operations are the real cohesion of law firms.Some law firms engage in the so-called law firm culture without any practical action.I thought that was a case of lawyers getting drunk!What a fool you think those hiring lawyers are!Like you think you’re so smart.This is an act of deception.The above is my thinking about the salary and treatment of hired lawyers and the cohesive matters of law firms.