“Forensic pioneer 3” : from the winner of life to expose corpse wilderness, she successfully made his death

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In “forensic pioneer” this drama, the initial appearance of Zhou Yifei, really can be called a winner in life.She herself is a lawyer, runs a law firm, the clients under her name are of high quality, most of them are the rich in Hong Kong, she has strong professional foundation, but also full of ambition, as a defense lawyer, her record is amazing, people give the title: always winning general.Her husband is a senior forensic officer in the West Kowloon Major Crime Unit, her daughter has just entered kindergarten and is lively and lovely, and her father-in-law is a sensible old man who takes care of the children.Logically speaking, whether it is career or family, she can be counted as quite successful, husband and wife love, family harmony, successful career, financial resources, these are enough to kill most of the people struggling in the survival line, but she is not satisfied, always want to go up a floor.People call her always winning general, she really thinks that he is always winning general, do anything, always on the premise of winning, there is no winning battle, she disdained to waste time.Therefore, she cares too much about winning or losing. Instead, she cannot accept that she is the one who loses. No matter how she behaves or does things, she should stand in the leading position and cannot allow herself to fall behind.In rich businessman Guo Fuhua is killed one case, she was recommended by his big client to Guo Fuhua’s wife, will defend for Guo’s wife Guo Zhang Meifen by her.Guo Fuhua is macro heaven group President of science, died of murder, his wife mei-fen zhang has strongly suspected, the police are preparing for detention mei-fen zhang enquiry, is Zhou Yifei with mei-fen zhang to assist in the investigation, the police had mei-fen zhang don’t want to into the police station, but Zhou Yifei said, since you not kill people, there is no need to fear, we take the initiative to assist the police,It’ll take the initiative. It’ll help the defense.Zhang Meifen believe, will give everything to Zhou Yifei to do, but she also told a lie, she did not kill, but she is abetting others to start, killed her husband.They couple decades, already did not have feelings, now more of each play, her husband Guo Fuhua entangled with the female secretary in the company, she also package the gigolo happy together, more than that, even her husband’s most trusted that feng shui masters, also threw themselves at her feet, her work, and the world, Guo Fuhua has threatened to divorce with her,And she won’t get a dime, which is why she killed her.She and feng Shui Jin Daren conspired, while Guo Fuhua in the morning of the mountain kind of health base, start to kill.Be found by the police now clue, want to escape originally, but give up again not so much take not to walk of property, ask a person to please Zhou Yifei this lawyer to defend for oneself.She thinks of very good, although she has give advice, can start murder is not her, so she insisted that he did not break the law, but she does not know is, even if she did not start, the mastermind behind the scenes is also her, is her instigate Jin Daren killed Guo Fuhua, and xu to buy jin Daren half of all property.Zhou Yifei originally have confidence in this case, because Mrs Guo is very famous in the upstream business circle rich wife, as long as get her, the future of their clients will only a scratch a lot, don’t worry about the door, but she did in overheard the old building and call the police, in the process of know the police now check a video as evidence,Enough to charge Kuo chang Mei Fen with murder for hire.Police since there has been a positive, that she was the lawyer is a joke, if you go on defense for this time she was through with the customer to have a meal, ordered a colocasia wire drawing dessert, let oneself after eat taro allergic illness, unable to appear in court, that is to say, she is unable to appear in court to defend guo mei-fen zhang, the lawsuit failure vickychow mo has nothing to do with her,She also retained her reputation as a winning general.To say that because she was afraid of losing, she deliberately ate the sweet taro that would make her allergic, that she in order to win, by all means, know the law, has lost the basic personality as a legal citizen.Zhou Yifei’s senior VIP customers, there is a rich second generation named Yu Zhongjian, the man eating and drinking piao poison all accounted for, but home rich, guilty also someone to give him a bottom.He this time is about two young girls to a hotel room, in the way of the room, not only had sex, but also in the drug together, but also because he forced a bottle of ketamine into the mouth of one of the girls, resulting in that girl died on the spot, and the other girl saw something wrong, then directly left.After yu Zhongjian killed someone, he drove out of the road and injured an old lady because he was in a panic. Zhou Yifei’s father-in-law happened to be nearby at that time and heard Yu Zhongjian call and said: I killed someone.A few days later, when her father-in-law heard that the man had indeed been killed, he realized that he had killed someone else, not the old woman.Certificate for which he is willing to go to court to do more than in the healthy once said this sentence, but Zhou Yifei more than as a defender of health, bad tooling advised his grandfather into the matter, was secretly set a trap, let everyone think that is her father-in-law’s ear is not good, not listening, will be more than in the healthy said “I killed people” listen to “I killed people.”She bought a telephone for her father-in-law, which was for old people and was very loud, and she took this point to her father-in-law in court, saying that he was old and hard of hearing would need such a phone.Poor her father-in-law, originally thought that the daughter-in-law sent a mobile phone, is to express their filial piety, where I thought it had become her in the court to attack their own evidence.More than that, she also proposed to Yu Zhongjian, if the case is to win, unless another witness can not appear in the court to testify, she said, is the girl with Yu Zhongjian at that time, leaving.Yu Zhongjian understood her meaning, then life men will be the girl kidnapped silence, thanks to the police aware of the witness missing, just in time to save people back.The witness appeared in the court, pointing out yu Zhongjian forced the victim to take drugs to cause death, the lawsuit is a foregone conclusion, only to be sentenced.Zhou Yifei told Yu Zhongjian, now there is no room for maneuver in the case, but there is also a way to slow down the crime.That is home to death and then born, there is death, can be born.Then more than living in the prison suicide, a wall was found after jumping into serious injuries, Zhou Yifei again hold this, say their defenders are heart of regret, so would have a life of a life, to know there is no death penalty in Hong Kong, the prisoner after breaking the law, willing to die to sin, it is enough to show, the man is just a wrong.Under Zhou Yifei’s eloquence, Yu Zhongjian’s original life imprisonment was changed to decades of service, which is her glorious defeat.Zhou Yifei know more than in the healthy really kill people, should be legal sanctions, but she did in the received more than the benefits of nutrilite’s father had promised, 3 he kill the fact that strong behavior defend him, also directed him to the persecution of witness, more the slowing of his crime, teach him to revive epigenetic, such as, already fell below a lawyer to carry forward the rule of law of beginner’s mind.Later, she is to go a step further in his career, chose to enter the hualong company, to be his chief counsel, hualong born person, black and white two winner-take-all, focus on the object is narcotics bureau, who all know the person’s background is extremely complex, but targeting the Zhou Yifei hualong group company’s generous welfare, and to give up her own marriage and family.She would rather get a divorce than go to work in the headquarters of hualongsheng in the United States, just to prove that even if she is a woman, she can make it.She thought she was just help hualong group, do the work of law, not involved in other issues come up, but I didn’t think, is she doesn’t want to interfere, hualong born in order to do the business, will be to find a way to let her cover on the tooling, the criminal things, she instinctively resist, even though she knew may occur, or saved a fluke.In the end, she had a disagreement with Hua longsheng over her work and ran back to Hong Kong in disgrace after a big fight.She thought, as long as she came back, her once husband, family will accept her existence, but did not think of, her husband already had another woman, and that home, also no longer belong to her warmth.She holds a good card, but hit into thin pieces, and finally know that they want to understand the serious case there is a hatred of women after the abnormal killer, but also intervene to investigate this case, the result was brutally killed, and cast corpse to the wilderness., a