Debao in Guangxi implements the strictest social meeting control measures: no one can enter or leave in principle

2022-05-04 0 By

In order to cope with the severe and complex COVID-19 situation, the Epidemic prevention and control Headquarters of Debao County, Guangxi Province has decided to further upgrade the prevention and control level and implement the strictest social and social control measures starting from 17:00 on February 6, 2022.1. In principle, people are not allowed to enter or leave the county unless necessary. If they need to enter or leave the county under special circumstances, they must report to the county epidemic prevention and control headquarters for approval.2. In strict accordance with the requirements of the notification issued by the county Headquarters for Epidemic Prevention and control, the management measures of “regional closure, staying indoors, door-to-door service” shall be implemented if included in the containment area;In the controlled areas, the management measures of “people do not leave the area and gathering is strictly prohibited” are implemented. Only one person per household is allowed to buy daily necessities at a designated place at a designated time every two days under the premise of strict personal protection.Except for nucleic acid sampling, all residents in the prevention zone should refrain from gathering or moving around, and only one person per household should be allowed to go out for necessities every two days.3. Residents who have had contact with infected persons or close contacts or whose travel paths crossed should immediately report to their administrative villages (communities) or the epidemic prevention and control departments of Debao County, and take nucleic acid tests to maintain 24-hour communication.4. It shall not conceal facts, make up facts, deliberately hide facts from epidemiological investigation personnel, refuse or obstruct the investigation work.Actively cooperate with epidemic prevention personnel and public security police to implement household sampling, centralized isolation, emergency management and control, and on-site control (nucleic acid sampling sites should be kept at least 2 meters away from waiting sites, and people in line should be kept at least 1 meter away from each other).Those who cause or risk the spread of infectious diseases or cause other serious consequences will be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.5. Party and government organs and public institutions at all levels of the county, except those responsible for epidemic prevention and control and those who ensure basic operation, shall be transferred to volunteer positions and report to communities (village groups) to participate in epidemic prevention and control.The staff in charge of epidemic prevention and control and operation shall enter and leave the community with certificates issued by the unit.6. During the epidemic prevention and control period, only pharmacies, vegetable markets, supermarkets, gas stations, agricultural supplies markets and other basic places for production and living are allowed to operate, and the operation shall be carried out in strict accordance with the “ten strict” regulations on epidemic prevention and control.7. Maliciously spreading rumors, falsely reporting and concealing the epidemic, and releasing false information are strictly prohibited.Viii. During the period of strict control, a 24-hour service hotline shall be opened with the number 0776-3831115;0776-3831995.Source: CCTV news client