“Yuanxiao” font fire, students feel lovely have to follow, the teacher bluntly: appearance level is high!

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Guide language: word can reflect a person’s character, all say see word such as person, word write good-looking, will give oneself increase a lot of impression points, as a student in school, good word is also more easy to get the teacher’s favor and grade teacher’s high score.Recently, there is a high school girl’s font popular throughout the network, the teacher to see this font is the most happy, round lovely font, very popular, known as yuanxiao font.For example, many schools require students to copy Hengshui high School and write hengshui fonts, so that students can improve their grades and win the favor of teachers with neat fonts.A good hand can be obtained through the day after tomorrow’s practice, but many students can not stick to it, can stick to the students are very perseverance and endurance of the group.”Yuanxiao” font fire, students feel lovely have to follow, the teacher bluntly: appearance level is high!For children to form their own unique style of the font is a long-term process, need to accumulate over a long period of practice, so parents if want their children to have a belong to their own unique and beautiful font, in children get a pen to write, let them write every stroke, the stroke is familiar with the practice, to be able in later writing for a long time,Form your own style, write your own unique style of strokes.Above the hot network all girls yuanxiao font is very round and lovely, has a unique personal style, and lovely font, let it refreshing to watch, especially comfortable, although not all the teachers are able to appreciate this font, many years ago but now the test has been popularized the electronic reading mode, reading in front of my computer screen,Appreciation is neat, clear font, yuanxiao font just belong to this class of neat and clear, feeling is relatively wide, to the child’s own learning career and future development are of certain benefits, both primary and secondary school students and college students, holding a good font, walking in the school and society, is an advantage.But it is inevitable that some parents and students feel unfair, because it is clearly the same answer, the answer is almost the same, then why the font is good, is able to score higher?You might as well think, as a teacher, a day’s workload, need to correct the papers and homework is very much.After correcting a lot of homework, when your eyes are tired, what you want to see is a neat font or a very sloppy font?The answer, of course, is neat and clear fonts.So what fonts should be avoided so that teachers can reduce the penalty or give them more points?First of all, there are several teachers do not want to see very boring fonts, we should avoid first.The first is not to write too sloppy, difficult to distinguish the font, some strange font, let the teacher looked at very big, dense, like ghost characters on the paper is very difficult to distinguish.In the case of a mess, if the teacher is free and has the heart to identify, the teacher needs to spend a lot of time and energy to see the answer, which is a burden for the teacher. If the teacher does not look at a word, the general grading will also be a disadvantage for the students.The second type is not strong enough, very light and ethereal handwriting.This type of font is usually seen on paper or ok.However, when the image is scanned on the computer screen by electronic devices, it will be very unclear and difficult for teachers to recognize. The accuracy of the font is reduced, and it is difficult to get high marks.If it is not a writing problem, it is most likely to be the use of blue, red or other special color pen, not black, in the exam to write, because electronic scanning can only accurately present black ink handwriting, which requires special attention of the majority of students’ parents.Another type is the font is too large, many small students in the initial stroke writing, it is easy to write excessively large font, in the exam, the answer area on the paper is limited, excessively large character will lead to students’ answers can not be contained in the limited answer area.If the answers are not complete after the electronic scanning, it is easy to give the teacher an illusion that the answers are not complete, resulting in low scores.These kinds of situations need special attention of school students and parents to help children form a good, clear, neat font.When children are writing in the primary stage, parents can help their children, or conditional word, take part in the calligraphy class, or find the calligraphy teacher, took the children to practice calligraphy, help the rules to write a good habit, don’t rush, build their style of the font, but the order and let them learn to write strokes,In this way, after children master good writing habits, they will form their own style in the subsequent continuous writing practice, and write neat, clear and good words.In this electronic era, writing has been gradually reduced, but whether students or parents or even walking society, everyone should find more opportunities to write some words, forget the word or not, this kind of degradation should be vigilant and avoid.