Xigang District was selected as the national youth campus football trial area in 2021

2022-05-03 0 By

Recently, the National Youth Campus Football Leading Group Office (Sports, Health and Art Education Department of the Ministry of Education) identified 40 counties (districts) with characteristics of national youth campus football, and Xigang District was selected as the 2021 National youth campus football pilot county (district).Over the years, xi-gang district party committee, the district government attaches great importance to the school sports work, successively issued by the xigang district campus football promotion plan “xigang district school football promotion project” the xigang district school football action plan for three years (2019-2021), etc., will be the campus football work is built into the comprehensive supervision evaluation system in the primary and secondary schools,Comprehensively promote the standardization and popularization of campus football work, and realize special work with special guidance, special guidance and professional monitoring.Xigang District takes the campus football reform as the breakthrough point, gives full play to the educational function of the football project, adheres to the development principle of campus football of “church, practice and regular matches”, and builds the popularization and promotion system of campus football. Currently, 63% of the schools in xigang district have been awarded “National Campus Football Characteristic Schools”.Under the guidance of the Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Sports Bureau and the Municipal Football Association, all primary and secondary schools in Xigang District have achieved the establishment rate of football clubs of 100%, the holding rate of campus football “president cup” of 100%, the coverage rate of campus football “district long Cup” of 100%, and the characteristic verification rate of campus football of 100%.Xigang District is also the host of liaoning Province primary and secondary school campus football teaching observation and exhibition, and its campus football has won many awards in national, provincial and municipal competitions, especially the women’s football team has won the championship in football league of middle school students at all levels for many years, and won the first dalian “Campus Football Demonstration Zone” title.Xigang district through strengthening the construction of security, rich football material culture;Strengthen mechanism construction and form football system culture;Implement special projects to form football behavior culture;Feeling the charm of football, shaping football spiritual culture;Reap fruitful results, build effective strategies such as football brand culture, vigorously implement the campus football promotion project, actively build a campus football culture with characteristics, and promote the healthy, sustainable, efficient and characteristic development of physical education in Xigang District.