What bank does rural credit agency call after change name?

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What bank does rural credit agency call now?1. Rural credit cooperatives are also called rural commercial banks;2. The business of rural credit cooperatives mainly targets at the same village area. Although many branches have been renamed as rural commercial banks, there are still some departments that have not been renamed.3. The main task of rural credit cooperatives is to help the economic development of rural areas and help rural people to handle financial services.Before the establishment of rural credit cooperatives, its predecessor was the People’s Bank of China in rural outlets, rural credit cooperatives are formal and legal financial institutions, escorting the development of rural economy.What characteristic does the development of rural credit agency have?The business of rural credit cooperatives is mainly targeted at rural areas. For example, it collects funds for rural development. Moreover, the rural transportation environment is not good.Rural credit cooperatives are an important part of China’s financial system, and their responsibilities are also significant, such as organizing and collecting rural funds.In the development process of rural credit cooperatives brought convenience to many farmers, for example, many farmers have said “since the rural credit cooperatives in the village, made money deposit, don’t have to worry about money at home after a long time, because I can’t find my staff gave us financial knowledge, make our deposit the money.”