Lakers vs. 76ers: Vogel’s game isn’t over yet!Two changes could change the course of events

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The Lakers, who led by double digits before losing to the pacers, the bottom team in the Eastern Conference, were in the midst of a series of losses.And easily beat the Nets, who are fourth in the Eastern Conference.The lakers’ strength this season has been a mystery to many fans, as they seem to be on the right track, only to return to the starting point with a bizarre loss.At 24-24, the lakers are in ninth place in the Western Conference and once again at.500.Next up is the Philadelphia 76ers, and the lakers have just three games left on a six-game road trip.The sixers have had a bad season with the Simmons situation.The Sixers have won 13 of their last 18 games under Embiid.They are 28-19 and sixth in the Eastern Conference.What will the Lakers do against the in-form Joel Embiid and the 76ers?Lakers vs. 76ers: Vogel’s game isn’t over yet!Two adjustments could change the situation!Big squad should restart, but undersized team use frequency to increase, should pay attention to the lakers bench players in determining the squad toward smaller lineup after this season, in the recently they with Stanley – Johnson signed a two-year contract extension, but before that, the lakers with Stanley – Johnson has signed three 10 days without a guarantee contract.The quick acquisition of Stanley also shows that the lakers are serious about his role in the small lineup, and it almost certainly proves that the lakers may not be able to make a big move in the trade market.The 76ers game will be the first lineup selection problem Vogel will encounter after The return of Eyebrows.Both Dwight Howard and Deandre Jordan didn’t get a chance to play in the game against the Nets, but the lakers’ interior was guaranteed by the return of Derek Davis.After the lakers won by 10 points, the use of smaller lineups became more reasonable.However, with the Sixers’ top-notch rim skills and rim protection in Embiid, the Lakers are virtually unbeatable inside without a big, traditional lineup.Although in a very long period of time, Vogel is the choice to give up the rebound, to cover up the weak defense to attack;But that can only happen if the Lakers are on fire, able to score points while outscoring their opponents.As has been the case many times this season, any loss of points due to defensive weakness can be magnified in a short period of time as soon as the attack fails.So, a big lineup reboot is necessary, at least if the team’s offense is struggling, Howard’s presence can effectively increase defensive intensity inside and rebounding control.Restarting a bigger lineup doesn’t necessarily mean throwing Howard into the lineup, either, and Vogel needs to be aware that if a smaller lineup fails to open up offensively, the lakers will give up big points in an instant.Therefore, the timely call for a timeout to replace the larger lineup is conducive to the lakers to hold the situation.In addition, their tactical status should be improved on the basis of the use of substitutes.The lakers have lost a lot of times this season because of second-half crashes, which have a lot to do with starting form, and the physical weakness of veteran players led by Lebron James.James leads the team in minutes played per game, and has great faith in veteran Tony Vogel. However, the use of bench players is not so important.Reeves and Monk are two extremely talented players in the Lakers, the former defense is no less than Bradley, and more stable three-point;Munk offensive end as well as in the connection with assists, but also has a relatively strong strength.While both Monk and Reeves have seen a corresponding increase in minutes compared to the start of the season, vogel still trusts veterans when it comes to crunch time.So, when the team is not playing in the opening game, using more substitutes may be a game changer.The lakers / 76ers game is Jan. 28 at 8.30 a.m.The Sixers have been hit hard by injuries lately.Danny Green has missed seven games and Seth Curry has been ruled out of the lakers game.Despite that, Embiid has averaged 34.2 points and 10.6 rebounds in the Sixers’ last 18 games, shooting 54.6 percent from the field and 39 percent from beyond the arc.However, James has been in great form recently, with 33 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists in a game against the Nets.As a result, the Lakers-76ers game will be worth looking forward to.