Frontline in the fight against the epidemic dongzhou veterans show a sense of responsibility

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In Dongzhou, Fuyang District, Hangzhou, there are a group of people who used to defend the country, but now they have taken off their military uniforms. In the face of COVID-19, they still abide by their duties, rise to the challenge, and fight on the front line to show their true colors as soldiers.Huang Gongwang village Wang Ziyang “if there is a war, call will return”.District people’s Congress representative, Huang Gongwang village retired soldier Wang Ziyang volunteered to participate in the first time bayonet duty work, has always fought in the forefront of the anti-epidemic.In the daily duty that individual store personnel in the village in the home isolation control, before the preparation of fruit milk and other stock can not be sold, Wang Ziyang will buy at his own cost these stores prepared “New Year’s goods”, sent to the village card point, for home isolation personnel to solve the emergency, more front-line personnel to send warmth and care.Bearing in mind the great trust of the people, Wang Ziyang has carried out his mission in his own way and built the people’s defense line for epidemic prevention and control.Red flag village Wu Luming in the face of the epidemic, red flag village veteran Wu Luming immediately arranged home affairs, the first time into the first line of epidemic prevention card point work, check in and out of vehicles, strict management, do a good job of prevention and control work.As a retired soldier, Wu Luming bearing forward to play a leading role in the vanguard of party members, with real action to interpret the “retired do not fade, do not turn to the army” quality, show the retired soldier’s ideal and responsibility.Gu Jinhai, deputy secretary of the General Party Branch of Zitong Village and a retired soldier, is the “epidemic prevention expert” stuck in Zitong Village. He is tired and unwilling to rest.He came to the bayonet early every day, guide vehicles, carry out personnel investigation, scan code, temperature……To be “the lamplighter in the snow”, demonstrating the excellent qualities of a retired soldier.Fuchunjiang village retired soldiers a “to”, life “to”.During the special period, he Haisong, a retired soldier in Fuchunjiang Village, came forward and stuck to his post of prevention and control in Fuchunjiang Village, taking up the work of checkpoint guard, personnel investigation and epidemic prevention publicity.Regardless of conditions and gains and losses, he shared the party’s worries, helped the people solve difficulties, always maintained lofty beliefs, and made military contributions to the epidemic prevention and control work in Dongzhou.ZhangJia Village Zhang Xuchao “feelings for the people of a soldier, a soldier of the dedication, a soldier in the critical moment, when the people most in need will brave the front mission” in the face of sudden outbreak, ZhangJia Village serviceman Zhang Xuchao initiative to sign up for ZhangJia Village road controls on duty, serious and responsible work, treats people amiably.His family members were proud of his responsibility and courage, and especially sent fruit to the checkpoint to express their condolences to the hard-working officers.Due to the special geographical location of the new sand village xu Hongtao, centralized isolation transport vehicles can not reach the island, so no matter during the day or night, as long as the new sand village retired soldier Xu Hongtao received a call to transport personnel, are the first time to the ferry, arrange the ferry, personally escort each transport personnel.On rainy and snowy days, the temperature suddenly dropped, the wind by the river blew on his face raw and cold pain, Xu Hongtao in the ferry busy figure, is the twinkling star in the cold night, warm light, he will be a soldier to play incinctly and vividly.Hua Shu Chen Liangsong community, a home quarantine personnel sent a message to community workers “home medicine ran out, AND I can’t go out, what can I do!””Leave it to me,” said Chen Liangsong, a former soldier who was nearby while the community workers were answering phones and sending messages. “You are too busy.”Being imported drugs, Chen Liangsong at dongzhou street community health service center, fuyang district hospital, fuyang area jiangnan hospital didn’t buy, until the first people’s hospital to get medicine to fuyang area, and register in the people’s hospital emergency, wait, medicine, in this 2 hours of waiting time Chen Liangsong from days of on duty unattended, disinfection kill work, etc.,Fell asleep on a stool.Chen Liangsong gave full play to the fine traditional style of retired soldiers and defended the lives and health of the people.Wearing military uniforms, they are the most lovely people to defend their country;With their uniforms off, they are the bravest men in danger, they are ex-servicemen.In the battlefield without smoke of gunpowder, they are practicing the original aspiration and mission of the Communist party members with practical action!Xu Liujun Zhang Xunhao