Farmers in Jiaozuo have been accused of selling “tiger meat” for 1,000 yuan per catty in the year of the Tiger

2022-05-03 0 By

This year is the Year of the Tiger, all kinds of topics related to the tiger have attracted attention, but you may not have thought that some people began to sell tiger meat, 1000 yuan per catty, even in wechat moments, some people really sell it, is this really true?Duanpingan, a netizen in Qinyang city, Henan Province, sold tiger meat on his wechat moments and posted a record of his successful transaction. Someone bought 40 kilograms of tiger meat from him, with a total amount of 40 million yuan.So some netizens reported that it was impossible to sell tiger meat, as tigers are protected by the state.Received the report, also in the first time to track the track of duan mou, so there will be reporters contacted Duan Mou.According to Duan, he did not sell tiger meat, are fake, how can there be tiger meat, these pictures are downloaded from the Internet, and then remove the watermark, posted to the circle of friends.Duan confessed that all the venison he sold was fake, and the tiger meat was actually venison. He bought it online for 67 yuan and 3 kilograms, and it was free of postage.The transaction records were made by himself using virtual software. Duan said he received frequent tip-offs and that police had investigated him and spent thousands of yuan on verification, which turned out to be cow bones.The matter has been reported, the reporter has also contacted the local police, investigation has begun, the results of the investigation has been reported by the superior, the details are not disclosed.In ancient times, Zhao Gao regarded the deer as a horse, and now duan mou refers to the deer as a tiger.No matter what meat, venison these are not safe, it is likely to spread some infectious diseases, and many are illegal national protection of animals, we do not try to taste venison, encounter this must be reported.