The soon-to-open henan Museum will showcase more of the province’s new archaeological discoveries

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The Museum is not only the beginning of understanding a city, but also the “soul living room” of the city.Recently, the 2022 Henan Province Culture and Tourism Work Conference was held, arranging and deploying the key tasks in 2022, clearly proposing the high-level planning for the construction of the new Henan Museum.On February 11, Daxiang News reported on the project under the title “Experts in Henan Plan to Build a New Henan Museum: It will become another cultural landmark in Henan”, which has aroused wide discussion among netizens.So, how will henan Museum be built in the future?What new highlights will there be?In an interview with Ma Xiaolin, director of Henan Museum, on February 14, he said that the museum will further improve its exhibition system by adding new archaeological discoveries in Henan to the new museum.Henan Museum, founded in 1927, is one of the earliest museums in China.Henan Museum has a collection of more than 170,000 pieces (sets) of cultural relics, especially prehistoric relics, Shang and Zhou bronzes, ceramics, jade and stone carvings.High-quality cultural relics are a treasure house of culture and art that witness the development trajectory of Chinese civilization and show the development vein of Chinese history. It is also an important window to appreciate the culture of the Central Plains, the Yellow River and the Chinese culture, and an important platform to enhance cultural exchanges and cooperation.Ma Xiaolin told reporters that at present, henan Museum construction area of 55,000 square meters, exhibition area is less than 10,000 square meters.Especially since the free opening in 2008, there has been a serious shortage of exhibition space and service space for the audience, and the carrying capacity of the museum is far from meeting the needs of the public.The reporter learned that although henan Museum has a large collection of cultural relics, due to space constraints, only a small part of the cultural relics on permanent display.”For example, the paleolithic Exhibition hall in the Museum is only a few square meters at present, which shows too little content for the audience. In the future, the new museum will use an area of more than 1,000 square meters to display this era. Through scene restoration and modern technology, it will tell the audience more stories about the origin and early development of human beings, so as to make cultural relics come alive.”Immersive experience of human society in the Paleolithic period.”Ma Xiaolin said that for the old museum pavilion, there is no such space to display conditions.On the two sessions in 2022, the government work report to henan culture and tourism work put forward the clear goals and requirements, including the construction of a project approval brigade wen gen fusion, promote the important site excavation and protection, a new henan museum, provincial institute of cultural relics and archaeology, construction of the Yellow River national culture park (henan section),Shape the cultural brand of “walking henan and understanding China”.The reporter learned that before Henan, five of the six central provinces, shanxi, Anhui, Hubei, Jiangxi and Hunan, have built new museums (colleges).Henan province, as a large province of cultural relics, urgently needs to speed up the construction of a new henan Museum.”The new Henan Museum has been written into the work report of the provincial government in 2022, and it is believed that construction will begin soon and the museum will be presented to the audience in a few years.””Marscholin said.Henan is one of the important birthplace of Chinese civilization. Bronze ware, ceramics, jade ware, calligraphy and painting all shine with the brilliant light of ancient wisdom.Jia-hu bone flute, Du Ling square ding, Fu Hao Owl statue, jade handle iron sword, Lotus crane square pot, moire bronze ban, four gods Yunqi map, Wu Ze gold Jane and your kiln sky blue glaze engraved goose neck vase are the treasures of Henan Museum, with irreplaceable historical value.Will there be more cultural relics displayed in the new courtyard?Ma xiaolin said that in the future, new archaeological discoveries from Henan will be added to the new henan Museum to further improve the exhibition system.”The proportion of cultural relics on display in the museum is small, and the staff will adjust it from time to time.The basic exhibits are usually the same for several years, but we will design thematic exhibitions from time to time, and then select objects for re-exhibition according to the theme design.”Ma Xiaolin told reporters that at present, the new college exhibition system is being studied and designed, how many cultural relics will be exhibited, according to the new college exhibition design scheme, as far as possible to let everyone see more cultural relics, to meet everyone’s cultural needs.On November 24, 2021, the 22nd meeting of the Commission for Deepening Reform deliberated and approved the Implementation Opinions on Revitalizing Cultural Relics and Expanding the International Influence of Chinese Culture.The meeting pointed out that at present, the rapid development of digital technology in China has been widely used in the cultural field, bringing great changes to the production, dissemination and consumption of cultural products.Only by complying with the development trend of digital industrialization and industrial digitalization, accelerating the development of new cultural formats and transforming and upgrading traditional cultural formats, can the quality benefit and core competitiveness of cultural industries be improved.According to Ma Xiaolin, with the development of technology, many digital elements have been added to the exhibition.At present, the Exhibition of Henan Museum has realized scanning two-dimensional code to “listen to cultural relics and see cultural relics”.”In the future, our new academy will set up a digital museum, so that the audience can have an immersive interactive experience, so that the ancient civilization and modern technology can be integrated, so that the audience can have a more intuitive understanding of the unique value, rich connotation and cultural charm of cultural relics.””Museums can play a key role in the future growth of young people. Digital museums can increase young people’s interest in learning, make it easier for them to understand the contents on display, and make them more interested and willing to visit museums to learn about the fine traditional Chinese culture, understand and identify with ancient Chinese history, and strengthen their confidence in history and culture.”Ma Xiaolin told reporters that the use of new technology can pass on the historical and cultural values behind cultural relics, but also better arouse the public awareness of cultural relics protection, so that more people from the “ancient and modern dialogue” scene learn to respect culture and history.Ma Xiaolin believes that a museum is the name card of a city, and the location of a museum is very important in the construction of a museum. First of all, the accessibility should be considered to facilitate the public to visit, and the cultural core area of the city should be selected to form a certain degree of aggregation.It is understood that the museum can be divided into comprehensive museum, history museum, natural science museum, thematic museum and so on.Group of “construction of the museum, to stand at the height of the province to planning, construction in state-owned museums, for leading, non-state-owned museum to supplement the body of the diversity, structure optimization, the characteristic, the dynamic system of museum, as a whole different geographical, hierarchy, attributes, types of museum, achieve diversification, integration of provincial museum development.”The henan Provincial Science and Technology Museum will be located near Xianghu Lake in Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou, henan Province. The museum will be a landmark of the provincial capital, zhengzhou, and a 5A-level tourist attraction for science and technology, culture and leisure.”Zhengzhou Zhengdong New Area has already settled in the new Museum of Henan Science and Technology Museum, Henan Museum of Natural History and other museums, forming a certain system, forming a certain group of museums, the site of the new school is a good choice, which is more convenient for citizens to visit.”Ma xiaolin said that in the development of cities, especially in central cities like Zhengzhou, culture is increasingly playing an irreplaceable role for politics and economy.To build a national central city, strength depends on economy, taste depends on culture.Museum is an important place to display cultural heritage. It is of great significance for a city to build a good museum and display its cultural relics.”In a few years, the new Henan Museum will become an important cultural landmark of the country. We hope to build it into a platform for exchanges and dialogue among civilizations and a world-class museum.In addition to displaying the splendid achievements of Chinese civilization, we can also introduce the achievements of other civilizations to Henan for exhibition, mutual exchange and research, and strengthening understanding.With the new venue, complete exhibition space and service space, I believe the new museum will have a greater influence in museums across the country and the world.””Marscholin said.