Small apartment selection, Xi ‘an February 11 dishes, 4245 houses can focus on

2022-05-02 0 By

At the beginning of the New Year, xi ‘an’s real estate market got off to a “good start” with 11 deals and 4,245 houses.Just need, just change can focus on.From the price point of view, just need, just changed the project to become the mainstream, the overall average price in 13,000-18,000 /㎡;North city, east city, Chanba full volume!These 11 dishes, the first pure new dish accounted for 50%, gave home buyers many new choices, at the same time, 100 square meters of the following small family is also more, the total price of 690,000 can buy a house.On the whole, the property threshold is more friendly to just need.