Seven must send the god of misery

2022-05-02 0 By

The first six days to send the god of plague, dirty spots fire.Ren Yin Baishun people for a long time, broken crown demon sweep out.Today came to the year of Renyin, the sixth day of the first month, the first day to the fifth day, all the gods come, pay good health and happiness, are willing to stay and bless.No matter how big the room appears crowded, people choose to sweep out the poor ghost, the original world and the same, no use value but add to the things, are not welcome.I haven’t had a thorough cleaning for several days. The Spring Festival is also a big gathering of relatives and friends. You come and go, and today also comes to an end.The old people have to go home, the young people have to go to work, and their own homes have to be cleaned.A sweep of dust, a dump of garbage, inconvenient rags, foul language simply a fire, no trace.Leave behind joy and clear away trouble.I hope that the Year of the Tiger will be a good year: a good year will be a good year and a good year will be a good year and a good year will be a good year.Live wealth live happiness grow longevity, shoufu Shouxing longevity is boundless.Good year good scenery good weather, appreciate flowers appreciate flowers;Rely on heaven to rely on their own, good mountains, good water, good scenery.I wish the Year of Yin Yin tiger a safe: a safe, live and work in peace and contentment;COVID-19 is raging. Say goodbye.