On the 26th day of the 12th lunar month, neighbors come together to eat “kill pig rice” | our festival. Oral folklore

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Cover news reporter Li Yuxin “December 26, kill pig cut year meat.”January 28, the 26th day of the 12th lunar month, is less than three days away from New Year’s Eve.At this time, I can not help but ask, can you prepare meat dishes, sweets, cakes for the Spring Festival at home?At present, the material conditions have been greatly improved, people can buy food whenever and wherever they need it, and there is no need to prepare it in advance for fear of insufficient preparation.But in the old days, people mainly prepared meat for the Spring Festival on this day, called “Nian Meat”.You should know that in the past, ordinary people lived a poor life, and there were many people in the family, so it was often not easy to have a meal before the next meal, even if the conditions were slightly better, it was not easy to have a meal of meat dishes.Looking forward to the Spring Festival, the laborers in the family began to kill pigs one after another. Those who did not raise pigs would go to the market to cut a piece of meat to go home.Therefore, laba 26 stewed pork is also known as “Laba 26, kill pig to cut New Year meat”.In addition, in many rural areas, this day is a big market day, the people of the villages around the market have to go to the market to buy New Year’s goods, such as wine, fish, meat, firecrackers and gifts for relatives, and so on, nothing less.According to the description of liu Xiaochang, a folk custom expert, in old Chengdu, pig farmers would choose a good day to slaughter pigs when the Spring Festival was coming.But choose two, three, five, seven and eight lucky days, because you cannot kill pigs on four or six days.”At that time, half the street to watch the fun came. The children stood at a distance to watch the knife maker killing the pig one by one. They thought that there would be a gaga (meat) for lunch today.”After the pig is killed, not only the owner of the pig needs to eat meat, but also the helper can get benefits.As the host cooked the meat, he tied the pork into pieces with a fine twine, and sent the fat meat to Grandma Zhang and Grandma Li.”The neighborhood was very friendly.In the middle of the day square tables and benches were brought out from all the houses, and half the street sat round tables on benches.Make some bottles of white wine and stretch your chopsticks a bit.When it was past noon, the men went home, all red and drunk, and smiling.This hodgepodge makes half the street laugh.”Liu Xiaochang recalled that the killing of the New Year pig, can be said to be the whole street of more than 10 or 20 families united into a whole, than their own regiment is also lively and happy, this fun more nian taste.At that time, the streets and lanes will also ring the children hit the drums, and from time to time sounded bursts of firecrackers.”After the helpers take the pork home, they come back for a taste of soup, a big bowl of meat and a plate of pig’s mix with a little scallion to feed the family for dinner today and lunch tomorrow.Pig people also invite help neighbors, relatives and friends, incidentally fried a dish, here to eat a meal or two.The white bone soup of pig’s mixed soup, covered with oil flowers, onion, ginger, pea tip, red, white, yellow and green in the bowl.”The Chinese New Year is getting closer and closer as the smell of cooking pig miscellaneous gets stronger and stronger.In addition, in the folk customs, there are “the 26th day of the twelfth month, wash inside and outside” “the 26th day of the twelfth month, clean the livestock house”.Originally, in the first two days of dust, send god, after receiving god, these two days to focus on taking a bath, washing, remove a year of bad luck, ready to welcome the next year’s New Year.