Michelle Chen has been doing yoga over the past few years

2022-05-02 0 By

Michelle Chen, 38, has been married to Chinese actor Chen Xiao since 2016. They have a baby son, Xiao Xing xing.She posted a photo of herself doing yoga with her son on Saturday, which not only exposed the cute interaction between mother and son, but also attracted the attention of Internet users.Michelle Chen has the beauty of childishing age.Michelle Chen and her son Xiao Xing have been doing yoga together, michelle Chen told Us via Xiao Hongshu on May 6. “I’m so happy to see my progress, and Xing Xing is also so happy to be a Flying hero!”She can be seen holding his hand and lifting him up in the air with both feet as the mother and son look delighted.In another, she leans forward to reveal her tiny ant waist, prompting fans to exclaim: ‘Amazing body!'”, “Star mother is so tender!Michelle Chen takes her son to yoga and accidentally reveals her tiny waist:(figure/turn taken since sorry little red book) in the past, sorry because of the relationship between the baby fat, show little dragon female “too fat” being criticized by many people, however, with the age growth, positive movement, not only get rid of the baby fat, shape curve is also more beautiful, still maintain a good figure, she don’t see is the 38-year-old mother completely.