Is respect for leadership mandatory?

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For subordinates, respect for leadership is not only a requirement but also a gesture, the important thing is to send from the heart rather than perfunctory;For a leader, to win the respect of subordinates, the key lies in whether his words and deeds are consistent, whether a bowl of water is correct, whether he sincerely cares about the well-being of his subordinates, that is, to be a good man and win the hearts of his subordinates.Some time ago, when we discussed problems together, we always included one clause in some regulations: “Respect leaders and unite comrades”.Somebody puts forward, respect should be a kind of affection, from inside outside, send from the heart and unripe, rigid go prescriptive respect what, not quite accord with the affective law of the person.For example, we demand respect for leaders. How can we respect leaders who are arbitrary, arbitrary, arrogant or even corrupt?If you insist on respect, it is not a “two-faced person” who flatter and duplicity.”Respect for leadership is essentially about respecting the ‘position’ of the leader, not the specific person,” one person argued.But this understanding, we respect director Zhang SAN, is respect director this position, rather than respect Zhang SAN himself?It does not seem quite right to divide Zhang SAN from the director artificially, which does not conform to the general and universal law of knowledge of materialist dialectics.Just like the “white horse is not a horse” put forward by the sophist Gongsun Long, the third director zhang became the “non-director”.Others say that “respect” is a requirement for personal cultivation, just as the country requires you to be loyal and patriotic, the society requires you to obey the law, and your parents require you to be honest.Sounds like we’re back on the straight and narrow.However, some people put forward that how can not be singled out to “respect” the leadership, to respect comrades together, respect for comrades is not all summed up in, leadership also belongs to the category of comrades, why speak of “respect leaders, unity of comrades”?As soon as I got back on track, I suddenly felt pulled to the side.In this way, we had a lot of discussions and finally came to no conclusion, but we still felt that we should follow the tradition of respecting the leader.After this discussion, I have a question in my mind. Can “respect” be stipulated?Respect, ancient words refer to the attitude and words that regard the other party as higher than their own status and must pay attention to, now has extended to the attitude and words and deeds of treating each other as equals.On second thought, I think it should be.There are three reasons. First, respect, in a practical sense, should go beyond the superior and subordinate. It reflects a kind of personal cultivation.Buddhism says “all living beings are equal”, popular down to feed the tiger, cut meat to feed the eagle allude.Since all beings are equal, that is to say, you respect leaders, comrades, even flowers, birds, fish, insects, animals, cats and dogs. That is a Buddhist state of “no difference”.Of course, there is no difference, good, evil, beautiful and ugly naturally the same.The more things you respect, the higher your culture.Respect for the leader comes naturally, because whatever respect is, it is ultimately directed towards you.Second, respect can be understood from a dialectical point of view. Universal satisfaction is enough, and individuality cannot be denied.I used to find myself wandering around in dialectics without knowing what I was doing.Now, it’s the way we know things.Respect for leadership, there is a basic point of existence, that is to respect the universality of things.To put it bluntly, respect leadership, because leadership is a profession of sacrifice, dedication and service, just like respecting soldiers, doctors, teachers, the most lovely people, angels in white, and hard gardeners, which is universally recognized as a noble profession.Leaders are also called public servants of the people.In this position, respect for the leader is fine.But leadership is now synonymous with privilege, and public servants are increasingly distant.Our respect for leaders is based on the basic principle of public servants.Some people say that leaders who are incompetent or even derelict in their duties cannot be respected.Soldiers, doctors, teachers, and so on, there are pros and cons in every profession, and there is beauty and ugliness in everything. In this way, we can only say that we respect the true, the good, and the beautiful. But the true, the good, and the beautiful are also artificially evaluated.Therefore, respect for leadership is a universal recognition, not an individual case to measure.Thirdly, Maslow said that there are five levels of human beings: physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, respect needs and self-actualization needs.The fourth is respect.Respect, it seems, is a high-level need to be satisfied as a human being.In this way, if you want to earn respect, you must first respect others, which is consistent with the psychological principle of reciprocity.That is to say, we respect others, in fact, there is a need to be respected by others.Here respect, more refers to the equal treatment, bad or good, is a kind of equal treatment mentality.We treat people with respect, not as good or bad, but as a person.Voltaire famously said: I do not agree with what you say, but I defend with my life your right to say it.Here’s a twist: I don’t agree with you as a person, but I respect your rights as a person.To understand this, respect should become the basic and noble quality of everyone, and the scope of respect should also be spread to the world. If you pay respect, you will gain respect.The night was made on the night of November 13, 2017. His real name is Zhang Yechen, “after 80”. He was born in Lucheng.To work to sharpen his ambition, to read and practice, to meet friends with articles, to cultivate the mind, to seek life, has published a number of personal works.