Honor 70Pro set a new record. Honor flagship, which dares to stack materials, has a brighter appearance

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The honor mobile phone in the past two years has a tendency to surpass Huawei mobile phone.Since independent operation, full force, restart many models, honor Magic3 series full recovery, better performance than Huawei Mate series, have to configure honor strength.The new phone is not very cost-effective, but it has the ultimate user experience, quite perfect.Although Honor was born in Huawei, it has its own style with innovation and development. It is the most likely alternative to Huawei’s new phones, which are losing their appeal to users.Many users have their eyes on the Glory phone.In addition to the excellent Magic series models, honor is still the most important for digital series models.Last year, Honor brought the Honor 50 series and the Honor 60 series. The upgrade wasn’t that big, but in order to increase market share, Honor had to do it.The New Year, the new generation of Honor digital series is also on the way, the brand new Honor 70 series of attention.Users pay most attention to the high version of honor 70Pro, or will be better than honor Magic4.Some Internet users brought in renderings of the flagship phone’s design, and they piled up quite a bit of material.The camera module of this machine is very round, very similar to the camera module of Mi 11 and MI 12. The camera module of rounded corner is raised, but it is quite round.As you can see, there are three lenses, two large lenses arranged vertically, with a small lens.While the look of the camera module is not particularly bright, the large lens is, after all, the Honor 70Pro’s main feature is the image selfie.The main camera is 50 megapixels, paired with a 40 megapixel ultra wide Angle lens and a 12 megapixel telephoto lens.To its credit, it also has optical anti-shake function.Not only that, we have experienced the glory Magic3Pro photo effect, with the addition of computational photography technology, the photo effect is quite excellent.The same goes for the honor 70Pro, which will also be equipped with the new technology, and the photos are bound to be amazing.The honor 70Pro is a significant performance improvement over the snapdragon 778G chip used in the honor 60Pro and honor 50Pro. The honor 70Pro will be in mediatek’s arm and will be powered by the new 4-nm breguet 9000 processor, which is on par with the snapdragon 8Gen1 and still has top-class performance.Still can bring quite smooth use experience, fluency will be as good as glory Magic4, very worthy of attention.As for the front design of the honor 70Pro, unlike traditional full-screen phones, it will be upgraded to a true full-screen. There will be no holes in the screen, but the front lens will still be there, and it will still have a curved screen with excellent under-screen technology, which is visually stunning.Not only that, the frame of the screen is further reduced, from the front view, you can’t see the phone frame, the screen ratio is greatly increased.Unlike full-screen phones such as the Mi MIX4, the specs of this screen have been greatly improved. While it is still a domestic OLED screen, it has a 2K resolution and supports the traditional 120-Hertz refresh rate.In addition, 1.07 billion color display, 1920 Hz HIGH frequency PWM dimming a configuration is not bad.The screen quality is commendable.With such excellent performance and screen, the battery life system will not be bad. As the flagship model of Honor, the battery life configuration will still reach the mainstream level. The battery capacity will be increased to 5000 mah, which is consistent with many top flagship phones.The battery capacity and charging power are not at the top of the line, but still have a great life experience.Honor is truly extraordinary, every mobile phone quality is worthy of praise, this honor 70Pro is even more so, the hardware pile is very in place, will be a quite outstanding true full screen flagship, it is possible to surpass the honor Magic4.Such configuration if really can achieve, honor will be following ZTE, Millet after the realization of the true comprehensive mobile phone manufacturers.The performance of this new phone is worth waiting for.But for the average user, it’s not worth buying, and the front-facing camera has yet to be proven.The traditional punched screen mobile phone is worth more, such as Honor 60Pro, the upgraded version of Honor 50Pro, now also began to reduce the price clearance, now 8+256GB at the lowest only 2959, cost-effective or quite high.The glory 60Pro also has a comprehensive hardware configuration. With the snapdragon 778G Plus, the performance is still excellent, and the screen quality is still flagship-level. The super curved screen is excellent, and the visual effect is very impressive.In addition, the image system is more worthy of praise, 100 million pixel main camera, can bring excellent photography effect, user experience as good as the glory high-end flagship.What do you think of the honor 60Pro?Feel free to leave a comment below and discuss!We have any questions can be small private letter!