Chenzhou Suxian district: inject scientific and technological innovation force for agricultural production

2022-05-02 0 By

On February 15th, in the workshop of Hunan Nongfu Mechanical and Electrical Co., LTD., located in Suxian district, Chenzhou City, the machine rumbled and the heat reepeed.Workers are gearing up for “tiger strength”, busy production, catch orders, sprint to the acceleration of the first quarter of the “red”.More than 200 workers are busy loading, assembling, welding and debugging agricultural machinery products at hunan Nongfu Mechanical & Electrical Co. ‘s production and assembly workshop. It takes an average of 40 minutes for an assembled agricultural machinery product to be loaded onto a truck.”This year we are focusing on the development of automatic transmission for tractors to improve the handling of the whole machine.The whole design scheme has been completed and the prototype is expected to be trial-produced this year.”Shou Yuanfeng, technical director of Hunan Nongfu Mechanical & Electrical Co., LTD., said, “The operation of the machine will be easier and more convenient, and the efficiency will be greatly improved.This is also to contribute our scientific and technological innovation to agricultural production.”(Li Ajun, Cao Yong)