To appreciate the vitality and charm of zhao Ying’s water flower and bird paintings

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Nowadays, many flower and bird paintings lack individuality, artistic vitality and vitality of The Times.In the exploration of artistic language, it is difficult for painters to form a new style view of brush and ink.Shandong painter Zhao Yingshui’s flower and bird paintings always give people a fresh and refreshing feeling, so that the audience can appreciate the majestic atmosphere and high spirit.This is the result of his efforts to explore the development direction of Chinese flower and bird painting.Appreciating Zhao Yingshui’s paintings, the most touching thing is the vigorous and upward spirit in the paintings.This kind of atmosphere is a kind of artistic conception of flower-and-bird painting, and also the soul of flower-and-bird painting.From his paintings, we can see three salient features.One is “big” — open-minded, meteorological, and realm.His works can not only be full of vitality and complexity, but also can be simplified and comprehensive, and always form a charm and shake people.The second is “writing”.Its pen is like writing cursive script, unrestrained and unrestrained, but its rhyme is not carved, reflecting the aesthetic characteristics of old, spicy, strange and dangerous.The third is “meaning”.He expresses his feelings, speaks from the bottom of his heart, sees the nature of his heart, painting as the person.He inherited the tradition, learned from xu Wei, Ba Da, Wu Changshuo, Qi Baishi, Pan Tianshou and other masters, and sought the vigorous spirit in real life, thus forming the visual tension and shaking momentum in his works.His works are full of motivation, vitality and enterprising spirit, full of innovative consciousness.This spirit and consciousness also represents an important artistic orientation of the development of contemporary Chinese painting.The freehand brushwork spirit in Zhao yingshui’s paintings is very prominent.His brushwork is generous and spontaneous, and his ink and color are lively and lively, reflecting a “vitality” of life in his writing. The aesthetic feeling of brushwork and the charm of ink create the beauty of image in the picture.His work is often free from images.The flowers and birds in his works are free from fetters, constraints and patterns, forming a pleasant visual image, which is exactly in line with a picture of image spirit.The freehand brushwork spirit of Chinese painting provides a broad artistic space for the development of contemporary flower and bird painting and brings vitality to the creation of flower and bird painting.Zhao Yingshui’s reinterpretation of the spirit of freehand brushwork makes his paintings radiate new vitality.Reading the flowers and birds in his works, we will find that “love life, the pursuit of eternity” is the main melody of his works.Zhao Yingshui believes that everything in the world starts from the same beginning and ends.Artistic creation varies from person to person, advancing with The Times, and has its own law of development and social law, but also has the painter’s own law of life variation.He uses flowers and birds to extol the vitality and vitality of all natural things in order to provide people and society with a beautiful yearning full of vitality.Flowers and plants, birds, fish and insects in nature and human beings have an inseparable coexistence.For painters, they are an inexhaustible source of artistic creation.Therefore, zhao Yingshui’s flowers and birds, no matter the natural and unrestrained northern plants or the warm and unrestrained southern seedlings, are infused with the artist’s artistic concept of praising life and pursuing eternity.His works can always create a grand atmosphere, give people spiritual stimulation and inspiration.Artistic creation is often linked with the artist’s life experience and values.Through Zhao yingshui’s paintings, we can find the trace of his life.In 1993, Zhao Yingshui led the establishment of the only adult art education major in shandong Colleges and universities, and has made considerable achievements.He also organized and implemented a series of fine arts education and training from primary to middle schools in Shandong province, and achieved success.He has presided over a number of provincial and ministerial fine arts education research projects and written many papers and monographs with academic value.Known as a scholastic painter, he has devoted himself to the theoretical research of “Qilu School of Painting” in recent years.This tireless enterprising spirit is embodied in his flower-and-bird paintings.This is also the reason why his paintings can shake people’s hearts with a big pattern, big momentum, big ink and big mood.Zhao Yingshui, born in 1955.Professor of Qilu Normal University, deputy director of flower and bird Painting art Committee of Shandong Artists Association, vice president of Shandong Chinese Painting Society, member of Chinese Artists Association.