The “non-human” coach behind Winter Olympic champion Xu Mengtao

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The sports industry has entered the era of artificial intelligence.The author will edit | | deng walnut source: geek park “is my first?”‘she shouted.Xu Mengtao, who missed out on three Olympic gold MEDALS, finally won her Winter Olympics gold medal on her fourth Olympic appearance, winning the women’s freestyle aerials final on Feb 14.Xu Mengtao, 32, is China’s leading figure in women’s aerials.She set a world record and became the first World Cup aerials ever.He has never won an Olympic gold medal.Because aerials are so haphazard, no one can be sure until the end of the competition.This is also a feature of competitive sports.On the day of the final, she achieved 108.61 with a perfect 4.293 difficulty, putting an end to all the uncertainty of form, injury, stress and so on with the highest difficulty of the current women’s event.Behind Xu’s success in the competition, a man named Guan Jun quickly caught people’s attention – guan Jun is not human.Xiaoice-international Athletic Scoring System (X-IASS) is the AI referee and coach System developed by Xiaoice. Previously, as a secret project, it has been quietly serving the National Aerials Team for three years.In short, the core mission of “Guan Jun” is to help national team athletes improve their training efficiency.Virtual coach “Guan Jun” image through deep neural network rendering technology (XNR), Xiaoice company endowed “Guan Jun” with human appearance, including appearance, voice and unique personality, and, in accordance with its professional characteristics.More importantly, this gold medal is the first case in which AI participated in the whole training and assisted in winning the gold medal in the world’s top competitions, which is of milestone significance.This is not the first time guan jun has accompanied players to competitions and trips.Since 2019, Guan jun has been training with the team for a long time. In the process, he has been accumulating training data and constantly improving his professional ability — from the initial air movement scoring to the whole process of evaluation covering the three stages of take-off, air and landing.Rather than icing on the cake, “virtual coaching” is increasingly a necessity.Due to the danger of aerial skills, athletes have limited amount of training every day. In order to improve training efficiency, it is necessary to strengthen athletes’ memory of high-score movements.For each jump of the athlete, the judge will make a professional judgment, keeping a high degree of consistency with the international scoring rules, and strictly judging the penalty action.CCTV reported that virtual coach Guan Jun analyzed various indicators of athletes. Relying on Xiaobing’s world-leading computer vision and complete framework technology, Guan Jun pioneered the “Xiaoice CV Analysis Model for Winter Sports”.Provide real-time, professional evaluation and guidance for coaches and athletes.For each jump athletes, jun will make professional judgment, keep highly consistent with international referee score standards, strict discrimination action points, and three stages, the landing of takeoff, air, analysis of the whole process of quantification, support movement, body posture, a point of view and high degree of multidimensional index analysis, provide guiding basis for coaches.It’s just part of Guan jun’s routine.The role of “Guanjun” virtual coach is to improve training efficiency in a limited amount of training. In addition, based on long-term observation data, guanjun system also establishes exclusive sports files for each player, which can trace the action details of each jump, aggregate and present long-term training effects, and assist in making scientific training plans.As the technology continues to mature, Guan Jun has appeared on the international stage before the Beijing Winter Olympics.In the Beijing Winter Olympics test held in February last year, Guan Jun served as the only competition referee of air skills, successfully completed the individual preliminary final, super final, team preliminary final a total of 44 people referee, won the international Snow Federation, the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, the Winter Sports Center of the General Administration of Sport of China unanimously recognized.This is the first time that artificial intelligence has independently completed the task of judging the competition in the world.Smart devices such as “smart beds”, “hot clothes”, “fully automatic restaurants” and “insensitive gateways” have become popular online during the Winter Olympics.The Beijing Olympics as a “games” science and technology, emphasis on “zero discharge energy, green travel, 5 g sharing, wisdom, watching run competitions, sports science and technology, clean environment, safety, international cooperation,” the concept of work, all kinds of smart devices have become the athletes “faster, higher, stronger – more unity” the solid backing,Black technology is also coming into the public eye.It can be said that science and technology is an indispensable support for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Since the official implementation of the key project of “Science and Technology Winter Olympics” in 2018, the Winter Sports Center of The General Administration of Sport of China has opened a new chapter of the combination of intelligent technology and sports.With the continuous improvement of scientific training level, the effect of science and technology has gradually emerged, and the overall competitive strength of Chinese athletes has steadily improved. They have achieved a breakthrough in many snow and ice sports from scratch, fulfilled the goal of participating in all events, and reached the world leading level in some events.Athletes in the warm-up training of the gold medal milestone event, also marks the artificial intelligence system in the field of competitive sports, has entered the stage of practical achievements, is expected to continue to popularize in the future, expand to more sports fields.More importantly, its significance lies not only in competitive sports, but in the level of mass sports, AI-assisted training has a broader space for imagination.As Li Di, CEO of Xiaoice, said, “In the sports field, we plan to cover the whole scene from professional AI coaches in arenas to sports news anchors, virtual staff at event venues, campus sports assistants, mass fitness coaches and even AI designers of sports brands.”Photo credit: Visual China, Xiaoice Company