Seven minutes 48.07 seconds!Speed skating collective start final fight, Ning Zhongyan no podium!

2022-05-01 0 By

China’s Ning Zhongyan competes in the men’s speed skating final of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 19, Beijing time.Ning finished the race in 7 minutes 48.07 seconds and failed to reach the podium.After the start of the race, Ning zhongyan coasted in the middle of the group. After the first lap, Ning zhongyan was in eighth place. After two laps, Ning was in 12th place.Ning zhongyan ranked 11th in the fifth lap, 8th in the sixth and seventh laps, and 7th in the second sprint in the eighth lap.Ning zhongyan was 7th in lap 9 and 8th in lap 10.Ning Zhongam, the third sprint point, ranked ninth.The final four laps of the race went into a heated phase, with the overall acceleration in the last two laps and Ning zhongyan ranked ninth.Ning failed to improve his ranking at the last minute, crossing the line eighth in 7:48.07.Finally, Belgium’s Swains crossed the finish line first, he won 63 points to take the gold medal.Zheng crossed the finish line in second place and won the silver medal with 40 sprint points.Another South Korean, Lee Seung-hoon, crossed the finish line third and took bronze with 20 sprint points.