King of Glory shard store, mind hacker Jingle Bells first online at the same time, Zhen Ji ice skin free

2022-05-01 0 By

I believe friends all know that every new version of King of Glory update in addition to hero adjustment and fragmentation store update, hurry to have a look at the fragmentation store which skin is worth exchanging it!First of all, the quality of this epic skin is very good, one is Angela’s mind hacker, the other is Lu Bu’s Christmas carnival.Angela this skin is the second time online fragment store, plus there are war free star yuan, if you want partners do not miss, I think it is worth exchanging.And the Christmas carnival of Lyu3 Bu4 also be the regular guest of fragmentary store, but quality all along not bad, want small partner can be exchanged directly now.If you want a sense of ceremony, you can also wait until Christmas, you can choose.Another skin that caught everyone’s attention was Donnie’s ice waltz.This skin has just been redone recently, we are satisfied with the special effects, especially the effect of the frozen crown and rose perfectly fit the original painting, this time you can also get it for free, do you plan to exchange it?But there is also less worthy of exchange of skin, that is Sun Bin angel wings.The skin of Sun bin itself is enough, this skin wants 88 fragments to be able to exchange again not quite worth.What skins are you going to exchange for this time?Welcome message interaction ~