High school math: no matter how difficult the math questions are, you want to get a high score by mastering these 18 kinds of classic solutions

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Sequence of numbers is one of the compulsory knowledge points of mathematics in the college entrance examination. It is found in multiple choice fill-in-the-blank questions and large calculation questions, accounting for about 22 points.In recent years, there are three main directions of the proposition of sequence in the college entrance examination: the application of the nature and concept of sequence itself;The comprehensive application of sequence and other knowledge, such as functions, inequalities, geometry and trigonometric functions;Applications of sequences, such as growth rate problems.The difficulty of this part of the content of the examination is divided into three levels, generally choose to fill in the blank and other minor questions are more basic questions, answer questions to medium questions, partial difficult point is the comprehensive application of sequence and other knowledge points, the difficulty is greater.We need to use some quick methods to solve the problem when we solve the number of questions. Today, what we share with you is that due to the limited space, only part of the content is displayed. The complete version can be sent by clicking my avatar.