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Nantong, China,Nantong, a coastal city nearthe Yangtze River estuary in China,is forthe growth of indigo plants.More than 2,000 years ago,The rise ofblue dyeing industry in this local people from blue grass to make indigo combined with manual textile and dyeing technology It domestically the rise ofblue-dyeing industry over2,000 years ago.Locals extract indigofrom theplants, used hand weaving,printing, To make blue calico,a blue and white printed fabric and dyeing techniques.The design and carving of the pattern is the basis of blue prints. The artisan knows the pattern by heart every time he drops the knife.Patterned design and engravingare the basis of blue calico.They are constantly on artisans’ mind.Each carvingtestifiesthe memory of time.A blend of soybean flour and limepowder creates A protective layerfor the cloth’s natural color.The anti-dye paste is printed on the cloth through the flower plate,There is The initial engraved picture of The flower,printed on The cloth throughthe engraved plate,produces theinitial appearance of the pattern.After being soaked in a dye VAT and liftedafter several minutes, the bin should be soaked and soaked.The blending of indigo and oxygen,The blue calico changes fromyellow to cyan and from cyan to blue As Indigo and Oxygen intermingle.Behind the symbiosis of blue and white is the craftsman’s ingenuity under the blade of the worker’s master,The harmony of blue andwhite displays The wisdom ofexcellent workmanship.Under The blade of excite,linesbetween blue and whitebecome more distinct.The Blue calico cloth that rises with the pole shows the unique Chinese color beauty after the soaking of indigo cylinder and the creation of naturepower of nature,presents unique Chinese-stylebeauty of color.The beauty of cloth lies more in itsdecorative patterns than in its colors.The patterns of Blue calico cloth are mainlyauspicious patterns of folk tales, plants and animalsThe simple and primitive blue and white are The interpretation of The unique style of Chinese folk art, carrying The life story of a land such as Dragon and Phoenix Bliss,Bumper Harvest.pure blue and white colorsdemonstrate the unique features ofChinese folk art and carrythe living stories on this land.Blue print,Blue Calicois a lifelong commitment,craft inheritance,and an orientalsentiment dear to many hearts.Through the river of time,it came down from thousands of yearsago and now glows with new vitality.The sixth chapter of the “Jiangsu Culture Card” micro-documentary series, co-produced by jiangsu Provincial People’s Government Information Office and Xinhua News Information Center Jiangsu Center, is released: blue and white.Based on the three parts of “getting from blue”, “using from blue” and “winning from blue”, the art presents the national intangible cultural heritage — the whole process of nantong blue print printing and dyeing skills from plate engraving, scraping, dyeing, scraping ash to drying, and the ingenuity tells the adherence and inheritance of generations of non-hereditary inheritors.Source: Xinhua Client Jiangsu channel editor: CAI Yangyan Review: Zhang Xiang