2022, the best of life

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Zhang Lin is the host of “Life ➕” and “Children’s Dream Workshop” in Zhoucun Rong Media Center, and the editor of “Rong Media Zhou Cun” wechat official account.When people do not know Lingyun wood, until Lingyun daogao.I wish you and me, look up sunshine, eyes light, Thanksgiving, harvest happiness!2022, the best of life Time flies by.As the year draws to a close, have you made plans for how you want to live in the New Year?In the past year, all the encounters, gains, losses and growth have been transformed into strength for us to move forward and understand better what is the best state of life.The Ability to Stay Happy At a certain age, life seems to hit the accelerator button.Every day a open eyes like a top, busy work, busy life.If happiness is the goal of hard work, then don’t forget your ability to remain happy, no matter how busy your day gets.Get some sun on a cold day, tidy your room carefully, buy some flowers, and indulge in a good book…The so-called happiness is actually made up of many small pleasures.In the New Year, please continue to love, maintain the ability to feel happy, calmly face the vagaries of life, and make every day a wonderful day.Confusion and stress actually run through every stage of our lives and are repeated as we grow older.But the difference is that some people let themselves sink, some people become better.The biggest difference between the two is whether you can maintain sober self-discipline.Read this sentence, “the first solution to life’s problems is self-discipline.Without this link, you can’t solve any trouble or difficulty.”People may be able to rely on smart to achieve temporary success, but can let you go further, must be your diligence and persistence.Gratitude is an attitude towards life. It comes from our love and hope for life.In the New Year, I hope we can always be grateful and remember every move.I am grateful to my parents for their selfless efforts and protection, to my loved ones for sharing weal and woe with them, to my friends for their encouragement and support when they are down, and to every bit of warmth around me.Even if life is still wind and rain, we also want to be a sun and born.You’ve had it. Sometimes at work, you’ve had a difficult client; sometimes at work, you’ve had a difficult client.Sometimes in the relationship, because of a small quarrel cold war……It’s easy to get caught up in huge mood swings because of a little disappointment.But have you noticed that the more negative things you say, the harder it is to see the positive?And the smarter you are, the more you embrace the bad.Bad things will happen in the coming days, but the good news is that we can choose how we deal with them.When you stop complaining and take a more positive attitude, life will surprise you.05 body health always in the first place always thought that “healthy growth” is the children can receive the congratulation.But the more I experience, the more I feel that “safe and healthy” is the most sincere blessing in the world.Make your health a priority in the New Year.Stay up late less, work and rest regularly, abstain from smoking and drinking, eat healthily and take good care of your body.Rest when you’re tired, go to bed earlier when you’re not. Don’t bite the bullet, and don’t let your health overdraft.We’ve all depended on others at one time or another, as parents as children, as friends, lovers, even strangers as adults.But everyone has his own way to go, if too dependent on others, will only let oneself into endless sorrow and sadness.In 2022, we should all be less dependent and do what we have to do.When your heart is strong, you will not be afraid of loneliness;When you’re self-reliant, you’ll have more choices and you’ll be able to move closer to the person you like better.It is said that the more you experience complexity, the more you want to return to simplicity.In the New Year, no longer pursue useless circle of friends, spend more energy and time to improve themselves;No longer enslaved by desires, no longer tied to emotions of the past, the past is clean and light.Be a simple person, with a simple heart, live life as you want.The most gentle words I can hear these two days are, “I am done with the past, and this year I will continue to welcome flowers.”I have always felt that what is more important than life itself is lifestyle and attitude towards life.Everyone has a difficult journey in life, but don’t be afraid, keep going, your life will be beautiful and vast.No matter what you encounter, please always remember: don’t stop running, keep running in your love;Don’t live up to time, to embrace their own life.I wish you success and happiness in the New Year.In the days to come, may we all become better people.Figure source: web editor: Yang Tong Yao proofread: Liu Ming review: Guan Xueyin final review: Wang Cost