Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council: The Ministry of Education has started to recruit students from Taiwan in 2022

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Ma Xiaoguang, spokesperson of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said on February 15 that the Ministry of Education has made arrangements to enroll Taiwan students for master’s and bachelor’s degrees in universities on the Mainland in 2022. The enrollment process has started and the enrollment period is from February 10 to 25.File photo: Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council.The 2022 Taiwan Scholar-test has ended. Is there any change in the admission policy of mainland universities to Taiwan in 2022?Ma xiaoguang said that since 2020, despite the spread of COVID-19 around the world, the mainland and universities have strictly implemented epidemic prevention and control measures. None of the tens of thousands of Taiwan students studying in universities on the Mainland has been infected, and all vaccines have been vaccinated.In 2021, the number of Taiwan students applying to study in mainland universities continued to increase.Recently, the Ministry of Education has made arrangements for the enrollment of Taiwan students for master’s and undergraduate programs in universities on the Mainland in 2022, and relevant enrollment has been launched.Due to the epidemic, the enrollment period for postgraduate students in Taiwan is from February 10 to 25, and the online confirmation should be completed before March 11, and the admission ticket will be printed from March 21 to 31.The preliminary and reexamination of postgraduate enrollment are organized by the universities themselves, and the examination time, place, form and requirements are determined by the universities themselves and announced to the society.Please pay close attention to the specific notice of colleges and universities.First, the arrangement of the joint Recruitment Examination is the same as in previous years. The online registration time is from March 1 to 15, and the registration confirmation time is from March 16 to 31.Second, the eight universities in Fujian province will recruit students from Taiwan individually, and jinan University and Huaqiao University will choose their own time.For the first time this year, 207 universities, including Peking University and Tsinghua University, participated in the pilot program of the new system, while the rest of the universities organized enrollment according to previous practice.The registration time of the system is from March 1 to March 31, and the registration time of some universities is from May 21 to 31.Through the new enrollment system, the registration and enrollment process of Taiwan students will be further optimized in the following aspects: First, it is more convenient for examinees to register.According to the enrollment system in previous years, although the examinee can be admitted to many schools, but because each school is admitted to different progress, waiting time is longer.This year, on the basis of reserving the examinee’s “one tier and more votes” and obtaining the qualification of multiple schools, the system has realized the function of centralized checking the admission results with one key and selecting and determining the most desired university.At the same time, the system will also facilitate the student registration in the future.Two is examinee choice opportunity is more sufficient.The system innovatively designed the “first round enrollment + voluntary recruitment” two rounds of recruitment function, the first round of candidates not admitted or newly registered candidates can participate in the voluntary recruitment, giving candidates more admission opportunities.Candidates should pay attention to the release time of the proposed admission result and log in the system to confirm the admission result in time. Those who fail to confirm the admission result after the deadline will be regarded as giving up the qualification and will not be allowed to participate in the recruitment of volunteers.After confirmation, colleges and universities with insufficient students, incomplete enrollment plan or increased enrollment quota can make up the enrollment by collecting volunteers.Third, the enrollment service is more meticulous.The system for examinee registration login interface, support “automatic screening” function, examinee input “learning test” results can see the corresponding school, major, enrollment brochure link and so on.In order to prevent examinees from missing the confirmation of admission results, the system will also be “mobile phone SMS + email” to remind, and provide a concise manual and consulting services telephone guidance online registration.Please pay close attention to the admission information of colleges and universities in mainland China.”Mainland (mainland) University Enrollment Information network for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan region” (website: https://www.gatzs.com.cn), is the official website of the Ministry of Education, responsible for Taiwan enrollment matters, the first time to release authoritative information.Relevant authorities on the mainland will continue to provide convenience and services for Taiwan students to study on the mainland and help them realize their dreams.