Hongqi Road Primary School campus reporter reports on the opening of the school

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Looking forward to!Looking forward to!Young students welcome the spring semester, back to the warm and beautiful campus, start a New Year’s learning career.What changes have taken place in the campus in the new term?What new plans and goals do teachers and students have?On February 17 and 18, the young journalists from the news team of Hongxiao Campus reported the opening of the new semester in 2022.Now let’s take a look at the highlights of the interview!I interviewed The principal Of Class 1902 Zheng Yuchen Certificate No. : 22010840234 Advisor: Yu Le On the first day of school, I interviewed principal Wu Jian with both nervous and happy mood.When I asked about the changes of after-school services in the new semester, she told me two things: first, the hours are longer;Second, the club classes are more abundant.I was so happy when I heard that the Kobo club was open again. It’s my favorite club and I must join it.”The drumsticks at school were so delicious yesterday. Did they change the chef?””Yes.This semester we have changed the chef, if you have your favorite dishes, you can tell the class teacher, we will also feedback your wishes to the chef in charge of the canteen, try to arrange.”Hearing the principal’s answer, I can not help but be happy, hey hey, this is really good, I must suggest the canteen to do more than a few mushroom soup.”What is the school doing to make lunch safe?””I continued.From the principal’s answer, I know that there are staff to check the food materials from 5:30 every morning. There are cameras everywhere in the canteen, and the whole process of cooking can be seen through the TV in the canteen.After the interview, I learned some new changes of the new semester, but I was really nervous during the interview.2006 Class Liu Muya Certificate No. : 22010840317 Advisor: Luo Jinzhen Today is the day when we start school and also the day of my first interview.My classmates and I can’t wait to do the interview.Finally, when the bell rang, I took my equipment, like an arrow out of the classroom.The first was I “intercept” is tan teacher, she is the vice principal of our school, I graciously threw out my first question: “Tan teacher, excuse me, the new semester school will carry out what activities?Tan teacher gently answered me: “Now the school has comprehensive cultural festival, Chinese reading, English reading, grape festival, arts and sports festival and so on, through these activities, we can learn while getting some fun, make learning happy.”Tan patted me on the shoulder, then encouraged us to say: “You campus reporters can observe more, go to every corner of the campus, to listen to different voices, and then record, I hope we can often see your wonderful campus reports in the future.”Agreed!Several of us campus reporters nodded.Time flies, I still have a laundry list of questions did not ask, the bell rang, I reluctantly left tan teacher.On the first day of school, I received an interview assignment from a campus reporter. I already had an interview object in mind. She was my science teacher, Mr. Liu.After the opening ceremony, I came to Miss Liu’s office with excitement and nervous mood, I saw her and several teachers are around the computer in the discussion of work.I gently walked to teacher Liu side said: “Hello, Teacher Liu, I am 1902 class of small reporter Li Zexin, can I interview you a few questions?””Sure.”Mr. Liu smiled and nodded.”May I ask what scientific activities will you arrange for us to participate in this semester?””There are several events!For example, this spring, we are going to organize the middle and high school children to carry out a planting activity, can plant impatiens, snapdragon, garlic and so on.””Will it start this week?””I asked curiously.”Not yet, it’s too cold for seeds to germinate,” Ms. Liu said with a smile. “You can’t wait, can you?”I nodded sheepishly and asked, “Are we growing at home?””You can grow it at home, you can grow it on the school plantation, and you can grow it in a pot on the windowsill of the classroom.””Great, I will actively participate in that time. Thank you for accepting my interview.”I exclaimed.Ms. Liu touched my head and said, “You did a good job as a campus reporter. You were generous and polite.”As a campus reporter, I feel particularly proud, because the interview experience not only trained my courage and eloquence, but also improved my writing level, I like such activities!In 2022, I will have a new identity — campus reporter.I was curious about my new identity.This is not, the first day of school, I received a “task” – interview classmates.In the winter holiday just past, what unforgettable things did the students have?What new goals and plans do they have in the new school term?With these questions in mind, I set out.Zhou Haolong said, “My most happy and unforgettable memory this winter vacation is watching the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.”Kuang xiangyuan said, “In the new semester, MY plan is to study hard and exercise well every day. My idol is Sister Gu Ailing, the Olympic champion.I want to become a primary school student with all-round development of morality, intelligence, body and labor.”The pleasant interview activity ended with the bell ringing, and I returned to the classroom with full harvest.I also need to make a new plan for my new study!Since my first grade, there are several amiable security uncle at the school gate. I always want to know what they are doing every day, and also want to know about their life.This semester I just signed up for the campus reporter and got the opportunity to interview a security guard at the beginning of the semester.The first interview, MY heart has a kind of unspeakable excitement and tension.Encouraged by the teacher, I approached a security guard uncle who was patrolling the campus.Security uncle saw me and asked: “little classmate, what do you have?””I…I want to interview you.””I stammered.Security uncle saw me small, voice is not big, bent down to touch my head, asked: “what do you want to ask?”I asked quickly, “What time do you usually arrive?””We work 24 hour shifts,” said uncle Security guard.That’s hard work!I thought to myself.I asked, “What do you find most joyful and most vexing?”Uncle security smiled and said, “The happiest thing for me is that my classmates are polite and obedient.The most annoying thing is not being understood. For example, parents sometimes insist on sending things to their children by themselves and refuse to let us do it.”I nodded to show understanding, thinking: I must pack up their bag, not to the security uncle trouble.Through this interview, I understand that the security uncle’s job is not as easy as we look.I think it’s fun to be a campus reporter!