When his eight-year-old daughter intoned two lines of poetry, his father predicted that her daughter would end up in prostitution

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In ancient times, there was a father who, by the casual intonation of two lines of poetry by his daughter, decided that she would one day become a prostitute.It’s hard to understand why this father could be so sure of his daughter’s future based on two lines of poetry, when other parents want their children to grow up to be the best of the best.And it makes you wonder, what kind of verse can inspire such imagination?Talent is known to the world, the Prosperous Tang Dynasty talented people in large numbers — that is an artistic era of poetry and song;It not only gave birth to a number of outstanding poets, but also gave birth to countless outstanding talented women.Among them, the most let a person regret is xue Tao of xue meteorite’s daughter.Xue Tao was born in 768 to a government official.Her father Xue Meteorite is a great poet who pays great attention to literature self-restraint, and teaches her daughter Xue Tao very strictly — her father not only teaches her to read and write books personally, but also often accompanies her to recite poems against.Xue Tao also lived up to her father’s careful guidance and showed her literary talent from an early age.Not only that, she is graceful, without the naive and ignorant appearance of other peers.Time flies, xue Tao has grown into an eight-year-old girl. She is either watering flowers in the garden or writing poems beside her father, just like a lady.This day, Xue meteorite is sitting alone in the courtyard of the parasol tree to enjoy the cool, he looked at the tall and straight parasol tree into the sky, casually said: “the courtyard of an ancient tong, shrug dry into the clouds.”Then he picked up a cup of tea drink, was about to say a sentence, not far from the clear and sweet voice of children: “branches to meet the north and south birds, leaves send wind.”Worthy of being father and daughter — one of them said quiet, one of them said moving, and Xiao Xue Tao’s neat antithesis, export into poetry;This makes Xue meteorite extremely happy, thought the little girl really did not read so many years of poetry in vain.Can be happy, Xue Meteorite and frowned meditation – the ancients especially like to read the text, prefer to predict the words homonym.And the careful interpretation of “greeting north and south” and “sending back and forth” in Xue Tao’s poems implies the scene of greeting guests and seeing off guests in fengyue places, doesn’t it?Thought of here, Xue meteorite could not help worrying melancholy, his wife saw him all day long, then asked the reason, Xue meteorite and his wife said daughter Xue Tao will be reduced to a prostitute in the future!Perhaps, even Xue can not think of their own concerns have finally become a reality.In 782 AD, Xue Meteorite can not bear to see some corrupt officials of the style of work, a righteous he blunt advice, but he did not know that this move directly offended the dynasty dignitaries.In this way, a paper book broke the originally happy and stable family of three.Xue Tao had to follow his father to the wilderness, where the family’s life became more and more bitter.Did not pass how long, the Xue Lili that holds ambition of a suit empty is depressed and end, the daughter that leaves 14 years old and wife alone face this desolate human world.After his father’s death, Xue became the breadwinner of the family and had to go public to make ends meet.No one could have imagined that xue Tao’s father’s words when she was eight years old had come true at the age of 14. Xue Tao became a music prostitute in The land of Shu with her ability in poetry and music.See here, we can not think slanting, in our country ancient prostitutes and prostitutes have a world of difference.A prostitute is a prostitute, not a prostitute, but a prostitute is a woman who has gone astray.Xue Tao is not used to the wind and moon.However, most of the people who came to the brothel to have fun were officials, and beautiful women were not enough to attract them. It was a talented woman with good literary literacy and knowledge like Xue Tao who stimulated their interest.What makes countless brothel women envy more is that Xue Tao, who is rich in affection, still has a pure and refined appearance, and is the unique ice beauty in brothel.Xue tao knows that it is not easy to survive in the land of no return, so she always uses her talents skillfully and cleverly.It didn’t take long for Xue tao’s fame to grow.One day, Wei Gao came to visit xue Tao at jiannan Festival. He immediately took a look at xue Tao, a talented man.Since then, Wei Gao spent a huge amount of money every day just to chant poems with Xue Tao — Wei Gao also became the father of the real money, xue Tao also became a famous local camp prostitute!In addition, Wei Gao wrote to the imperial court many times, hoping that the emperor would appoint Xue Tao as the school secretary. However, due to various reasons, there was no reply to this matter.However, Xue Tao was pleased to mention the elegant name of “female school book” because of this matter!In fact, Xue tao is not only favored by officials, she also has numerous male friends such as Du Mu and Bai Juyi.But the most regrettable or xue Tao and romantic wit Yuan Zhen between the love story.At that time yuan Zhen xue Tao long heard of the name, although never seen, but the heart all the time not thinking about can take in the talent style, so the wind and rain rushed to The Shu where Xue Tao, ceremonously invited Xue Tao to meet with their own.Xue tao, 42, still has the heart of a pure girl. Though she has been wandering around the world for years, she has never experienced love.Although Xue Tao is now old, his appearance and figure are still charming.See Xue Tao of that moment, Yuan Zhen leng three seconds to slowly speak.And Xue Tao saw a Handsome Yuan Zhen also can not help but shy up.Two people a conversation down, two hands hold each other;Since then, the two have been shamelessly in love.In order to write a love letter to Yuan Zhen, Xue Tao also specially will write poems with paper dyed peach.Not only the paper looks like spring ripples, even between the lines also revealed the desire to and yuan zhen fly wing to wing!But falling water intentional heartless, did not meet Xue Tao before Yuan Zhen this romantic by nature, around touch flowers provoke grass;Gradually, Yuan Zhen to Xue Tao also more and more cold.Until one day, Xue Tao listen to people say Yuan Zhen has returned to the capital, will not come back – this is not a small blow to Xue Tao, she put the longing for Yuan Zhen feelings are written into the poem, “to ask acacia, flowers bloom when”!Perhaps, at this time of Xue Tao heart only thin lover Yuan Zhen, already put their own gold Lord Weigao behind;She regardless of gossip and Yuan Zhen fell in love, but also for him to write countless poems.Sure enough, it did not take long for these stories to reach the ears of weigao, the patron.After that, Wei Gao did not spend any money on Xue Tao.