So inspiring!Gu Ailing refused her mother’s advice, the third jump decided to challenge themselves, the success of gold

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Gu Ailing of China won her first gold medal of the Winter Olympics with a total of 188.25 points, scoring 94.5 with her third jump in the women’s freestyle platform final.There is no doubt that this jump touched countless Chinese people!But unbeknownst to us, there was another incident between the end of the second jump and the beginning of the third.”After the second jump, I called my mother and she said do you want to make a 1440 on the right? It’s safe.”After the game, Gu Ailing revealed this scene to us in an interview.Gu, then a ski instructor, was clear in her mind. After all, gu was not good at this event and her performance was enough to secure a medal.Therefore, choose a manageable difficulty for the last jump and get a safe score for the silver medal.But Gu apparently refused.The reason?”But I said if I’m like that, I can’t represent myself. I don’t compete to beat the other skaters and skate better than the other skaters. I want to skate 100 percent.”I have to say, this little girl is so inspirational!Your first Winter Olympics, competing in your own country, even winning a medal is history.But Gu chose to challenge herself. She didn’t want to leave any regrets.In the end, she rejected her mother’s advice and opted for the super-hard 1620 with a safety gripper.Start, accelerate, take off, spin, land, a series of movements down at one go, almost perfect!Gu had already felt it when she landed, and everyone in the audience and watching on TV in China knew that Gu was sure to rise to the top with this jump. It was up to France’s Tess Ludd to take the third jump.But Tess Rudd, who appeared at the end, seemed a little deflated, as if she had not expected Gu to be able to pull off such a difficult move on the most crucial jump.On the other hand, this is the limit of women’s players, Tess – ludd has no bottom-line moves to surpass Gu.Sure enough, Tess Rudder scored only 73.50 points on her final jump for a total of 187.50, finishing second.”I feel like I’m going to be proud of myself no matter what, so I decided to try this new move because for me, it’s a good way for the world to see an idea in my mind, a spirit of my game.”Gu is proud of herself, and Chinese people will be proud of her.Gu Has the courage to challenge herself on such a historic stage as the Olympic Games, which is a strong confidence derived from strength.Next, Gu will compete for gold MEDALS in freestyle halfpipe and slopestyle. We are looking forward to more achievements from Gu.