Pregnancy does not want to grow fetal meat, pregnant mother how to eat?4 tips from a nutritionist worth collecting

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01 pregnant mother, how much weight are you now?Before pregnancy, my weight had been stable between 45 and 46Kg. When I was pregnant, I was included in the low BMI group. The doctor said THAT I was too thin, so I should pay attention to nutrition supplement.At that time, according to the doctor’s advice, I thought about eating more meat and drinking more soup, so as to pull my weight to the average line.As a result, he gained more than 20 pounds, baby weight is light, really want to cry without tears.Therefore, I went to see the nutrition doctor twice, followed the doctor’s advice, controlled my weight, the baby also grew very well, and finally the baby gave birth to 6.3kg naturally.Do not know, whether there is such trouble when you are pregnant, worry oneself to eat fat 10 20 catties, darling does not see grow however, or it is darling grew, oneself add weight more crazy.I saw the nutrition department twice, from the nutrition doctor there to learn the “long fetus does not grow meat” good method, very useful, today to share with pregnant mothers in need.Some pregnant mothers do not have this awareness, diet is also very casual, in fact, weight management during pregnancy is very necessary, this is why, every pregnancy test should first measure the height and weight of the reason.First, during pregnancy, the baby is easy to be overweight, not conducive to natural birth, and even endanger the life of the expectant mother;Secondly, “huge baby” (weight more than 4kg) is not a good thing for the baby, too long labor has the risk of hypoxia, and even easy to press the brachial plexus nerve, leading to nerve paralysis.Second, from pregnancy to birth, in the whole process, if our weight base is very large at the beginning, it is more difficult to manage weight growth behind, we must ensure that the baby has enough nutrition absorption, can not reduce food intake, stretch marks are easy to find, postpartum weight loss is also a big problem.Obesity can also lead to gestational diabetes.Third, weight management in addition to looking at the weight of pregnant mothers, but also to see the weight of the baby.If you are thin, you must pay attention to nutrition supplements, or they are prone to malnutrition, affecting the baby’s development;If your food is growing on you and your baby isn’t, it’s even more important to adjust your diet.Nutrition doctor gave me 4 tips, if you want to control their weight, and want to fetal baby grow well, adequate nutrition, recommended reference oh.Of course, if there is time, pregnant mother personally hang nutrition consulting better.Four suggestions are as follows: First: eat high protein food, pay attention to iron and calcium.Such as fish, shrimp, lean meat, every meal should have.Breakfast can be a water steamed egg.I bought an egg steamer at home, just set it on time, it’s very convenient.If you are thin like me and your baby is gaining weight slowly, you can also eat some protein powder to improve protein supplement.Second, drink less greasy soup.A lot of pregnant mothers think the soup is very nutritious, in fact, the soup is fat, drink in and not as nutritious as we think, nutrition is hot inside the ribs, chicken, etc., so try to pick the meat inside to eat.Third, vegetables and fruits should not be forgotten.Balanced nutrition, meat alone is not good, vegetables should be included in every meal, its nutrients are meat can not replace;Fruit as far as possible to choose low sugar to eat, such as cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, sugar rise slowly, our weight is not easy to soar.Fourth, eat whole grains together.Many pregnant mothers have the habit of eating porridge for breakfast. Do not drink white porridge directly. White porridge is not nutritious and fast, easy to eat and easy to get hungry.The above points, pregnant mother remember?In addition to “how to eat the long fetus does not grow meat”, we will have a lot of confusion during pregnancy hope that someone can tell us what to do, if you are sad for this, that recommended you a pregnant mother trustworthy good partner — mother network pregnancy APP, has served the pregnant mother.Whether preparing for pregnancy, or pregnancy, or postpartum, or parenting, each piece has a special classification, to help pregnant mother to answer questions, very easy to use.Take the “pregnancy” section for example.There is a pregnancy treasure book, divided into 11 items, such as early pregnancy guide, pregnancy nutrition treasure book, pregnancy discomfort treasure book……You want to know which point directly into the line, there are very detailed answers, after reading the heart will have the bottom.Other more functions, pregnant mother use to know, don’t miss this good tool during pregnancy, so that they deal with pregnancy and postpartum more handy oh.Don’t pay attention to sleep during pregnancy, it is not good for the fetus, but a lot of pregnant mothers have ignored to get engaged!Doctor: What’s worse than fried chicken burgers is a low-quality carb diet that many kids eat every day