Zhang Zhilin because of yuan Wing yi crazy buy a bag and ask a lawyer, this is not illegal, I am going bankrupt

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Speaking of celebrity relationships in the entertainment industry, many of them are not expected to be married at the very beginning, just like the star couple Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong. From the official announcement day, there are countless people looking forward to their breakup.But now, more than four years later, the couple are still very much in love, and although they have kept their romance under wraps, details of their romance have always been revealed.But to say that the model couple or husband and wife in the entertainment industry, then Ru Ye will say this pair, certainly is the envy of many people, they are Zhang Zhilin and Yuen Wing yi.Their “first”, “know”, “love” and “marriage”, “children”, “the present” and “future” full screen were revealed in the pink bubbles, and zhang will moon pet became a princess, not only satisfy her demands, even go with the moon, the moon will tolerate everything of zhang.The couple celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary in 2002, and have experienced 30 years of ups and downs together in a flash. People always say that time is like a horse slaying a pig, but the couple who are over 50 have eaten preservatives.And this pair of husband and wife in addition to the label of frozen age, there are known by everyone’s label is conjugal love, but did not think recently “unique good husband” Zhang Zhilin is on the program, but also want to wife Yuan Yongyi sued the court.As we have learned, a few days ago in “the elder brother of breaking through the thorns” classmate horse makes “the elder brother’s hot life” in variety show, because the theme of this file program is legal aid, and has been subjected to wife Yuan Yongyi to buy a package “distressed” Yuan Yongyi, consult the lawyer on the spot directly, hope yuan Yongyi will accuse the court to terminate the behavior that she buys a package.On the show, he directly asked legal experts, Is it illegal for a wife to spend her husband s money like crazy?After the question was asked, the audience immediately burst into laughter, and many of them even smiled significantly.Lee seung-hyun, who has a wife, is even more daring to ask.The lawyer explained that the core of the problem lies in the “crazy” word, if because of the purchase of bags cause the family can not make ends meet, that is a problem, obviously Zhang Zhilin did not.And in everybody eye, beautiful beautiful buys a lot of bag, she is very happy, as husband Zhang Zhilin’s day is better, in afford, can let a wife be happy again, make family harmony, this is perfect husband and wife management completely.But unexpectedly, Zhang Zhilin answered with a wry smile, you think highly of me, I am about to go bankrupt.Perhaps also because of this, so Zhang Zhilin just so distressed wife Yuan Yongyi love to buy the “problem” it!Hope to pass the law to “punish” her.However, it is clear that all this is for the effect of the show, because just before Yuen’s birthday, Zhang Zhilin also sent a limited edition bag of a certain brand to his wife to celebrate her birthday.Visible, even if Zhang Zhilin has been “distressed” his wife to buy a bag of “trouble”, but this is not he so many years used to come out?And besides buy package, Yuan Yongyi also did not have other what “fault”.For zhang zhilin and Yuan Wing yi’s wealth, in fact, love to buy bags is nothing.Zhang Zhilin’s love for Yuan Wing Yi is known in the circle, two people outside is not like 30 years of old husband and wife, two people are often shot hand dragging hand, as if madly in love.As Zhang Zhilin sings in his masterpiece, “The luckiest couple still has to hold hands along the way”.And clearly, Yuen is zhang zhilin’s luckiest partner.Zhang Zhilin yuan Wing yee’s marriage is an enviable marriage, their love is what we dream of.Although Zhang Zhilin has been saying yuan Yongyi not to buy a package, but to the birthday or will give his wife to buy.This is true love!So, Zhang Zhilin in the program because of his wife to buy a bag of things to help Yuan Yongyi, is obviously for the program effect of the thing.Do you envy their love?