Yi Jianlian eyebrow bone is hit swollen bleeding referee also does not blow foul, this session of the referee are very capricious!

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In the last game of the CBA regular season, Guangdong took on Shandong, which should have been an easy win for guangdong, but it did not expect to face the defending champion Shandong and put up a great performance to beat Guangdong by one point.This game referee’s penalty scale once again attracted controversy, Guangdong team big brother Yi Jianlian was hit by the opponent’s eyebrow bone swelling bleeding but the referee turned a blind eye to this, this session of the referee is very capricious.In fact in the second quarter of the game you’ve already had a controversial penalty, the guangdong basketball player Zhao Rui knocked down by the shandong men’s basketball team Ma Xinxin, lying on the ground for a while after the former was eventually stretchered off the scene of the game, but for this time of the referee didn’t blow a foul penalty Ma Xinxin, game as usual, yi jianlian once again become a victim in the fourth quarter,Screens again rebound when yi jianlian, shandong men’s basketball team foreign aid, walter hit right eye sockets, yi wu wear eyes back to the side, which is obviously a hurt to let him feel very miserable, but for this time of the rebound foul the referee was still blowing, but blew yi ball out, although the basket rebound on the body to avoid conflict,However, no matter NBA or CBA, the protection of athletes above the neck is still very strict, especially the eyebrow bone is easy to be broken, and even affect the vision, but the referee still chose to turn a blind eye to the foul this time.Unfairly decisions of yi feel very discontent, although the technology proposed the appeal, but in the end also didn’t get a satisfactory reply, because the swelling in his right eye yi cannot continue to continue to play on the pitch, sitting on the sidelines all he directly back to the locker room after the meeting, after all, it’s the eye injury, still need to check and make a diagnosis and give treatment timely,After the game, after the hospital examination, Yi jianlian’s right eye was only swollen by external force, and the bone and eyeball were not seriously affected. It will take about a week to recover and he will be able to play again. The playoffs will start on April 1, which also provides some time for Yi’s recovery.If this injury is serious, it will not only affect Yi jianlian’s career, but also affect the results of Guangdong men’s basketball team in the playoffs and even the results of the national team in the following World Cup qualifiers. As the referee in charge of the game, he cannot make a fair judgment in the game, which is somewhat unreasonable.This season on the controversial call events had already is nothing new, including guangdong men’s basketball team, like the liaoning men’s basketball team, the poor men’s basketball team ever suffer such unfair treatment, in some game, of course, they also received a referee’s care, but throughout the season, scale and impartiality of refereeing decisions really needs to improve,The management needs to nurture and discipline referees this offseason and not let them become the focus of the game.