Want to take an MBA MBA, how should I MBA review?Lin Chen will accompany you to the postgraduate entrance examination

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Want to take an MBA MBA, how should I MBA review?Lin Chen accompany you to take an examination of one’s deceased father grind first should determine, should be target school.Start by identifying 2-3 target colleges and carefully study their brochures (the latest version, if not this year’s, last year’s as a reference) to see what kind of admission options are available.Generally speaking, there will be an interview in advance and a written test, or a written test and a second test.If the target institutions have an interview in advance, be sure to attend, attend the interview, relative to the second test, will occupy a greater initiative, and even some institutions, not through the interview in advance, can not sign up for the written test.Secondly, determine their own way of learning, self-study or with remedial class learning, interview learning and written learning respectively how to prepare.Generally speaking, the written test is relatively well prepared, take a look at their college entrance examination results, cet-4 and cet-6 results, focus on math and English results, find a set of real questions to try, see how big the gap between themselves and the ideal score, you can decide whether to study independently or follow the class.Interview learning (including early interview and second interview), my suggestion is that it is best to find a remedial class system learning.As the popularity of MBA study increases and the number of applicants increases, it is correspondingly harder to get good grades.At the same time, the difficulty of the interview is also increasing year by year, whether it is a face or a group of faces, the difficulty is increasing year by year.And the percentage of applicants who pass the interview, especially through early interview, is increasing, with the excellent percentage of some popular colleges even less than 5%.Check out this article to prepare for an interview ahead of time.From my experience, through the systematic arrangement of the teachers in the interview in advance, MY knowledge became more systematic, and I also had more understanding of the unfamiliar fields. Even if I chose the unfamiliar questions, I also knew how to analyze the questions and how to organize the language answers.The interview question bank is very large and complex, no one knows which field will be selected, also do not know whether it will be their knowledge blind area, so this is very important.Finally, I wish you find your own way of learning and success in the first world war.I am Lin Chen, the teacher who accompanied you to take the postgraduate entrance examination. I am the tutor of MBA MEM MPA EMBA MPACC, who is responsible for the adjustment of interview and reexamination in advance for the preliminary examination of school selection. At present, I have arranged the reexamination for nearly 1000 students in total.I hope to use my professional knowledge and experience in the second test to help you enter the postgraduate exam in 2022.