The mother of a child star has apologized to the actress for being a money-making machine

2022-04-28 0 By

When Qin Peiran, a child star who costars with Mingdao, was out of condition on the shooting scene, he delayed everyone’s time for a long time. Finally, Mingdao could not bear to criticize him and said, “Wait until you have had enough fun. Don’t waste everyone’s time!”Later, the parents of the small child star uploaded the video to the Internet, but was criticized by netizens to educate their own bear children do not discipline!No one will tolerate you out of society!!You think everyone is your mother!There’s a lot of abuse online anyway!But child stars are also victims of their parents’ video exposure!Many netizens began to criticize the child stars for their lack of education.This is not to blame the child star, after all, children, children are not godfather fault!The child star was born in 2016. However, since 2017, when he was about 1 year old, Qin peiran’s parents have arranged qin Peiran to perform everywhere. It has been more than 6 years.When the child star to make money, run everywhere throughout the year, after all, the child commercial performance is really tired, out of the performance time, the road time, the little child star are in a tired state!Parents are so busy talking about business and cooperation that it is easy to neglect the education of their children.Huang Yi gradually impatient!At the age of two or three years old, I believe that many children at this stage are favored by thousands of children at home!Parents education, grandparents love, storybooks, animation coax.However, these child stars are already making money for their parents in society.Some parents of child stars only care about money and do not consider their children’s education and future!After all, the earning age of child stars is under 10!They want to take advantage of this period to let their children do more shows and commercials!Say little child star Qin Peiran, should also receive less parental education!If on the set, her parents see the child is not in the state even if corrected, will not appear Huang Yi impatient and wise reprimand!After all, they are paid actors, and everyone has a full schedule. Child stars waste not only their own time, but also the time of others.Blocking Huang Yi’s line of sight!Huang Yi corrects the child star not disorderly to swing a head!