Rich lady Gold qiao qiao sun family photo, rich husband rare appearance, and yu Dong each wan a baby photo good warm

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On February 5, jin Qiaoqiao posted a rare photo of her family on social media to welcome the god of wealth, wishing everyone good fortune.Jin Qiaoqiao wore a black dress on the day of low-key, she is in good condition, 46 years old skin is still fair and tight, big eyes high nose delicate and beautiful facial features, not much different from the youth, with fashionable brown oblique bangs look more young, looks only in her 30s, slim figure, not like the mother of two children.Her rich husband, Yu Dong, who is four years older than her, made a rare appearance. He was athletic in a white T-shirt, with a round, plump face and a calm temperament.Jin qiaoqiao’s two children have grown up a lot. The eight-year-old sister has eyes and eyebrows just like their mother, with big eyes and bright smile. The four-year-old brother also has delicate features and looks almost exactly like his sister.Jin Qiaoqiao and Yu Dong each hold a baby, the picture is warm and beautiful, I can see that the family life is very happy.It is reported that the four of them are going to Hainan for the New Year, recently Jin Qiaoqiao just live broadcast on the Internet, she and netizens chat kindly, the interior of the mansion behind is very eye-catching, exquisite decoration and spacious space, a look to know that the value of money.In winter is the President of bona film, he and qiaoqiao jin in 2011 began to be in love, two people married soon, qiaoqiao jin also at the risk of older women gave birth to a female child, now basically is enjoying the rich lady life, rarely then come out to take sport, just occasionally share online everyday, or live conversations.I hope Jin Qiaoqiao and Yu Dong can grow old together and love each other forever. I also look forward to the appearance of the two children when they grow up.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete