Completely give up on the Apple 13, spending money to find uncomfortable, who to complain

2022-04-28 0 By

Scalp is numb, used the apple 13 of a month, follow useless same, who says 13 sweet is very good?I’m not lying. I used the mate30, but I changed it to the apple 13, and I thought I made a profit.Results all kinds of small problems, the whole people are numb.Fortunately, a few days ago into a Millet 12Pro, this is really fragrant machine.First, the signal is strong.The 12Pro is in the middle of nowhere like a garage, the Internet is wired, and it beats the king on the subway at a high frame rate.Apple 13 is different, go 2G, or go off the grid.The signal recovery speed is not so fast, the last time I got up late, out of the elevator after the Apple 13 still no Internet, made the driver think I played him, caused me to be late and criticized.Second, good night shooting ability.12Pro two trump cards, IMX700 and owl algorithm, high resolution photos, brighter picture, good focusing effect.The biggest problem with the Apple 13 in night photography is that there are too many shadows and the picture quality is poor.Right now I’m particularly fond of using the 12Pro to record videos of my colleagues’ children, which are well focused, a technology not available on the iPhone 13.Apple 13 friends, there is no need to insist, mentality will be broken!