Carelessly bought horizontal hall door model, sofa reference these 6 kinds of put, put in the middle instant harvest 2 sitting rooms

2022-04-28 0 By

Guest restaurant integration in recent years is a new boom, welcomed by many people, so many open business in order to cater to the public this preference, will open it into a horizontal hall, such a door living spacious and comfortable not to say, but also to save space.Because the space greatens nevertheless, the imagination space that gives a person is richer also, but whole layout also is more difficult, put with respect to sofa for instance worry fell many people.Did horizontal hall actually, of sofa put have a lot of kinds, basically see oneself to like which kinds of means quite namely, the habit that comes later according to oneself is used also more comfortable.㊀ sofa against the wall sofa against the wall is a more traditional way of placing, if you feel that the sofa against the wall is more secure, or do not want to choose such a design for the TV wall.Sofa is opposite dining-room or sitting room, strengthen the interactivity between family, perhaps can choose to do a partition in the middle of eat hutch and sofa, appear capacious had differentiate a space already so.㊁ sofa by half wall if you want to break the traditional layout, but do not rely on the wall and feel not practical, might as well put the sofa by the low wall.Won’t feel heavy already so, still won’t hinder radial send out to make the space looks still quite connect fully atmosphere, divide the sitting room and eat hutch again for independent space.Half wall is outspread according to wall rick normally, form L form, still can put a few goods on stage, and the other side of half wall can do along wall side card, make a distinctive dining-room, good-looking and practical, still do not affect daylighting.㊂ sofa partition some owners will use the sofa as a partition of two Spaces, so that you do not have to spend more time and money to do a separate partition, for small family residential is very suitable.And this way still retains the original spirit of the restaurant line, with sufficient lighting, but also will not block the open view.㊃ sofa by the window sofa by the window can enjoy the most adequate light, winter holding a book half lying on the sofa is very comfortable, but also can enjoy the scenery outside the window, improve the design sense of the whole space, very atmospheric good-looking.㊄ sofa by the bar this design is also very good oh, usually adjacent to the living room and kitchen, two Spaces between the bar do partition, if the family cooking in the kitchen, children playing outside, outside the situation adults can take in everything in a glance, occasionally can also communicate on.And stools on stage inside collocation appear very advanced, can be used occasionally when table, also can regard as the place that children learn, cleverly realized one thing multi-purpose.㊅ Horizontal hall to vertical hall if you really don’t like the horizontal hall, you can try to transform it into the vertical hall model, but only in the case of non-load-bearing walls can be transformed, so that there will be no more security threats, and then you can directly contact the designer according to their own ideas.