Parents’ Broke ‘when Kids Start school?The list of 420,000 students has gone viral and resonated with parents

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It is easier to have a child than to raise a child. Now the three-child policy has been opened up. In order to encourage people to have a third child, many favorable policies have been introduced in various regions, but the effect is not ideal, mainly because it costs too much money to raise a child.When children are young, they don’t spend much money, but when they go to school, there are more and more things to spend money on. If parents’ income is not too high, there will be a lot of pressure.Parents’ Broke ‘when Kids Start school?As students have to go back to school after the winter vacation, some argue that primary and middle school students will not be able to spend much money because primary and middle school education is compulsory and the state will bear part of the cost.The cost of the primary and middle school students is not actually in the minority, a mother was drying out a list of 420000 opening, transportation to and from school fees of up to 107600 yuan, each semester health protective equipment need 1440 yuan, 300000 for one-on-one lessons, there are also some stationery and clothes, all fees together over 420000.The mother said that was still the lowest standard, and it would have cost more if they had moved up a notch.The biggest expense, as you can see from the list, is one-on-one tuition fees, known as “education expenses.”Some parents also posted their children’s school list, buy clothes and stationery for children about 2000 yuan, each semester’s make-up fee is 30,000 yuan, but also to pay some miscellaneous fees, school uniform fees and so on board, add up to about 20,000 yuan, the total cost is about 50,000 yuan.The list has struck a chord with many parents, most of whom said, “Education is always the biggest expense, and parents have invested a lot in it, which also causes great financial pressure.”However, some parents said that their children do not need so much money when they start school, and the reason why they need 420,000 yuan is because they hired a one-to-one tutor, which is the “exclusive” of rich families and ordinary families can not afford to hire.Children start school, in the end what aspects need to spend money?Before students start school, parents need to buy a lot of things for their children, about 10,000 yuan, the mother who posted the list of 420,000 yuan lives in Beijing, Beijing is a first-tier city, the consumption is relatively high, the price is naturally higher than other areas, so the cost is so much.The consumption level of each region is different, but the cost of students when they start school is really not small, many aspects need to spend money, parents should know in advance.First of all, clothes and shoes. After the school starts, students generally want to buy new clothes and shoes, which need about one or two thousand yuan. They also need to buy some stationery and teaching materials, which need about one thousand yuan.In boarding schools, parents have to pay for food and living expenses for their children, which together cost about 1,000 yuan. In first-tier cities, the cost is even higher.Parents also need to prepare for extra tuition, now the implementation of the double reduction policy, children in weekends, summer and winter holidays and statutory holidays do not have to go out to make up the lessons, but some parents will let their children to make up the lessons after school, a lesson about 80 yuan, if it is a small class, a lesson needs more than 100 yuan, one to one will be more expensive.Specific let the child attend what kind of remedial class, the parents should decide according to the economic conditions in the home, but a month also needs at least 1000 yuan or so, expensive words need 5000-6000 yuan.In addition, additional preparation for some money, for miscellaneous fees, class fees, school uniform fees and so on, the school is not the same, the charge is not the same, but the school will strictly abide by the fee standard, can not be arbitrarily charged.If the school is far from home, parents should also calculate the cost of picking up their children. For example, if they drive their children, they should consider how much money they need to fuel their cars for a semester.Although raising children is very expensive, but some money can not save the first is to give children to sign up for remedial classes of money now advocate quality-oriented education, parents can not only let children study hard, but should let children moral, intellectual, physical, beauty and labor all-round development.In daily life, parents should know their children’s interests and hobbies and know what things their children are good at doing.Interest classes although higher fees, but parents should also give their children to sign up, at least choose 1-2 interest classes, so that children in other areas of continuous learning.Second, most parents will spend a lot of money on this aspect, but the effect of making up lessons is obvious, especially for the students of partial subjects, can improve the scores of weak subjects as soon as possible.But parents do not force their children to make up the lessons, but to ask for the child’s opinion, do not put too much pressure on the child, otherwise it is not good for the child’s physical and mental health.In a word, nowadays it takes a lot of money to raise a child. When buying various items for children, parents should do what they can, but the cost of signing up for interest classes and making up lessons cannot be saved.Interactive topic: how much do you think it costs to raise a child nowadays?