New Year go grass-roots | help epidemic prevention, the Spring Festival to guard them

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In order to ensure the services during the 2022 Spring Festival and Winter Olympics and effectively build a solid defense line against the epidemic in the community, the Daxing Court acted in accordance with the unified deployment of Daxing District and rushed to the front, quickly set up a temporary Party branch for epidemic prevention and control, and 46 police officers from 18 departments volunteered to apply.Actively participated in community epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival and The Winter Olympic Games, showing the responsibilities of daxing Court.Between staying for a responsible Concentric war “disease” on January 29th, the first batch of 10 policemen actively integrated into the community work, into a line, assist to carry out the community (village), bayonet unattended, trying to control risk of personnel, service personnel life that occupy the home, the nucleic acid detection and so on work, earnestly “sweep, temperature measurement and registration” epidemic prevention measures, such as the implementation of the fine all epidemic prevention requirements,It has contributed to the epidemic prevention and control in the territory.On January 30, the Leading Party Group of daxing People’s Court and director of the Political Department shan Zouguo visited 10 community epidemic prevention and control points to visit the sinking police.ChanZu fruit of sinking policemen, director of the hard work and dedication without gratitude, on behalf of the party secretary and dean sulincy comrade to the party concerned, care of them to court told everyone to do personal protection, pay attention to keep warm, warm encourage everyone consciously carry forward the great spirit of resistance to disease, thorough practice of founding of the great spirit, walk in the front, as leverage, go all out to epidemic prevention and control the successful completion of the task.Among the people who participated in the sinking, there were vanguard party members who had participated in the frontline epidemic prevention for many times, and young policemen who could not go back to their hometown for a reunion during the Spring Festival. They gave up their small homes to protect everyone. Different memories of the Spring Festival made them more firm in their ideals and beliefs, and further strengthened their original mission.Li Wenfeng Case Court (Litigation Service Center) In the early days of the Winter Olympics, confirmed cases appeared in Daxing District, and the epidemic situation repeated. Li Wenfeng responded to the call of the district Committee to support the community epidemic prevention and control.In the face of complex and busy community work, he organized residents to carry out nucleic acid testing and vaccination. At the same time, Li Wenfeng was also busy with delivering daily necessities to the quarantined people, dealing with the household garbage of the quarantined people, and registering and filing the people who had jumped out of the window.After a day’s work, I was tired all over, but when I saw everyone busy with epidemic prevention and control, they were serious and responsible, without complaining. Everyone was contributing to the prevention and control of the epidemic in the Capital and to the smooth opening of the Winter Olympics. It was worthwhile and insignificant to be a little bit tired.This is the third time that Li Mingxing has participated in epidemic prevention and control work.The first time I went to Xilanggezhuang village was in February, when the weather was cold and the villagers were on duty at the village gate.The second time was from late February to March last year, when I was on duty in the Transfer team of Daxing Airport.The Outbreak of the Spring Festival, in order to ease the pressure of the community, he came to the Blue bridge Yiyuan community duty, every day in the bayonet check vehicles, check the health code in and out of the personnel.As a party official, he said it was his duty to do this, and he only did a small part of it, as a large number of medical workers rushed to the front line of epidemic prevention and control without hesitation.Only with one heart and one mind, can we resolutely win the battle against the epidemic without smoke of gunpowder!Yang Tonghua’s Political Department (Party Committee and Discipline Inspection Commission) was hit by the epidemic again when the Spring Festival was coming. Under the leadership of the district Party Committee and the district government, Yang Tonghua volunteered to join the epidemic prevention and control work in the community and served at the grassroots level.He participated in the epidemic prevention of the community on work with home quarantine personnel of goods distribution inside the village, realized the community and the grass-roots government staff hard work and effort, also realized residents strong support and cooperation in their work, more realized the party and the state in the face of the outbreak, the final exam, always adhere to the people’s supreme, supreme of determination and attitude to life.Huang Shicong judicial police brigade epidemic is the command, prevention and control is responsibility.Facing the severe and complex situation of the epidemic, in response to the call to fight against the epidemic, Huang Shicong took the initiative to apply for the sinking community. On New Year’s Eve, he went to the frontline and spent a special Spring Festival on the sinking post.His main task is to maintain the order of the site during the nucleic acid screening of all staff, and assist the community in scanning code registration, temperature measurement, trip code inspection, and registration and reporting of people with pop-up Windows at the gate of the community on weekdays.There is no small thing about the epidemic, and we all defend together. By participating in the epidemic prevention and control work, he felt that the job was full of pride and responsibility.This is a national mobilization, united as one “epidemic prevention and control battle”.As an ordinary employee, Zhang Jie jingbing came to the golden Man Xiang county community to participate in the epidemic prevention work, the main work is to scan the code, temperature measurement, check health treasure, after confirmation can enter the community.She said that during her duty, she was grateful every day in the community, thanking everyone who made silent efforts in the prevention and control work, such as community workers, neighborhood committee members and security personnel…Their pay also make themselves know the dedication, improve the consciousness, the motherland needs me, I will be in!Source: Beijing Daxing Court Editor: Liu Yang Supervision: Zhao Liang