How to Understand “Valentine’s Day”

2022-04-27 0 By

Now a materialistic, money, human nature and the soul repressed era, one had to put on AIRS in disguise, as civilization construction, clean appearance, using a variety of WeiDang and covering on the surface of the beautiful, the world’s most clever and most stupid 2 d visual, blocking the line of sight blocked off the sun blocking the ugly faces and filthy trade!What is valentine’s Day, some unscrupulous businessmen for the sake of interests, uglified the holiday flavor, we are lack of excuses or lack of steps to indulge?I wish I could turn every holiday into valentine’s Day!What is Valentine’s Day?Valentine’s Day is not to ask you to find a lover, but to be a “feeling” of people, there is a sense of awe of heaven and earth, there is compassion for the human beings, there is respect for the elders, there is compassion for the young, in this ruthless world, the important thing is not that you have a lover, but that you are not a person of love.While many of us are looking for lovers for holidays and thrillers, consider the poignant events we have heard in the past two years: when some of us of the same sex chained a woman…….. to a dog ⛓️When some of our own sex keep kidnapped women in dark caves for eight years, ten years, twenty years…When some of us father-son trio raped a mentally disturbed woman and fathered eight children…In the face of the dog chain women desperate, some of our same sex people are not qualified to say that he is a woman’s life, do not deserve to have a wife, lovers, lovers!Some of us have no courage or false reason to continue as a species on this planet!We want to emancipate female compatriot more want to advance our all sorts of “emotion” with restraint!Do not false prosperity, bad factors become the mainstream of human progress!