Exceed expectations: Yitaro Matsuura tells you the secret to upward growth in life

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He dropped out of high school at the age of 17 and began to work as a part-time worker, distributing leaflets, cleaning, movers and construction workers to save money to travel to the United States.When I was 25-30 years old, I brought visual communication books from The United States back to Japan and began to sell them. Although the sales situation was improving day by day, I still needed several part-time jobs to make a living.When SHE was 35, she found a business partner and opened COW BOOKS.At the age of 40, he became editor-in-chief of a life magazine whose circulation was only 1/10 of its heyday.He broke into IT at age 49 and is now co-CEO of a small startup.This is the life of Yitaro Matsuura, the author of the million best-selling book “100 Basics” and a Master of Japanese aesthetics of life. Along the way, he did not get stuck in his work, but found it more and more interesting, and opened up infinite possibilities for upward growth in life.”Beyond expectations” is matsuura Yataro’s life experience, but also his life management philosophy.This book is not a textbook sermon, but to share you as a friend, who used to be like us from a small start how he became his own way of life.There are so many highlights in the book that I share three things that have touched me deeply: putting business in perspective. “Business is something meaningful to the world, joyful and moving, an exchange of sacrifice and reward, and a reliable act without lies.”Mentioned business, and my mind out of the two words is “no” early without the “no rape is not”, so most people in the business view, pine PuMi aso redefined “business”, points out that the business is not just to make money, but one of the meaningful thing in the world, bring people joy, enhance self-worth.When we provide something beyond expectation on the basis of equivalent exchange, the harvest will be joy and touched.”People are willing to spend time and money on things that will solve the problems they are facing, remove their current insecurities, forget their unhappiness, and solve their confusion.”The nature of business is that you spend money or you spend time, but the basis of both is value, what value is there to the person who buys it, practical value, emotional value, etc.Buying clothes, shoes and other daily necessities solves people’s practical problems and provides practical value, so people are willing to spend money.Short video platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou address people’s spiritual fast food needs in a short period of time and provide emotional value, so people are willing to spend time.If he can provide valuable solutions to people’s problems and pain points, he will be willing to invest time and money, and the business will be done.For example, aiming at the common pain points and troubles of ability anxiety and income anxiety, writing training camp helps realize writing realization and relieve anxiety by teaching writing methods and skills. Therefore, many people are willing to spend time and money.What are you good at?When this question is raised, few people can give the answer without thinking, most people are embarrassed smile, I do not have anything good.Frankly, I’m also one of those people who thinks I’m not good at anything because I can’t figure out what I’m good at, and I always think it’s because I’m just an ordinary person, and it’s normal for people like me to be bad at something.”Not finding what you’re good at can be just a lack of effort.”The idea struck me that I was bad not because I didn’t have it or couldn’t find it, but because I didn’t try.I looked back at my past habits and found that I did not try my best. I would hold the “almost” mentality.This mindset will make you feel better and avoid failure, but at the same time, you will lose the opportunity to discover and find your strengths.As author Yitaro Matsuura puts it, “In this world, more people discover what they are good at at work than what they turn into work.”Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental Education, did not start his own business because he was good at English training. Instead, he chose training to make money after failing to go abroad, and found out what he was good at.So perhaps the best shortcut to getting good at it is to do what you can do right now, to study what you can do, and to figure out how you can do it better.Along the way, you get a sense of accomplishment and discover what you’re good at.Initiative to meet people don’t like I like the word “aura”, although can not accurately describe it to the concept, but the interaction with others, it can clearly describe my feeling to someone, for example, some people feel like, I can feel the aura is very close, and some people obviously feel not in one channel, I would feel aura.We tend to cleave and aura, like the people, because in the same or similar channels, more convenient communication, communication more easily, for the aura is, don’t like people, communication is not always easy, it takes more energy, so the more time we chose to escape, avoid contact and don’t like people exchanges.However, in real life, we are not so lucky. We always meet the people we like, and there are always some people we don’t like but have to see.This time blindly escape is obviously not realistic.Matsumoto yataro believes that people who do not want to meet but have to meet should try to change their mentality and meet them with a happy mood.Since you can’t change the facts, try stepping out of your comfort zone as a small challenge to see how far you can go.Or another point of view, do not be “do not want to see” emotion bound, with the mood of enjoyment to get along, may find that the other party is not so difficult to get along with.