Does Harry have any descendants?History records that he had no children, only one adopted son who was a merchant

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In the Ming Dynasty, and even in the whole history of China, there are very few officials like Hai Rui, but hai Rui is the most miserable among them.Historians have long debated whether Harry had any descendants. Although records say he had no children, he did have an adopted son, whom people are reluctant to admit because of his role in ruining Hay’s reputation.Who is harry’s stepson?What did he do?If you also want to know, let xiaobian to give you the secrets from the beginning.(All pictures in this article, all from the network, thank the original author, such as infringement of your rights, please contact the author to delete.Throughout the history of the Chinese nation, although famous in the annals of history, immortals and heroes are many, but can let the common people all praise perhaps only two, namely, “Bao Qingtian” and “sea qingtian”.”Bao Qingtian” is known to all, namely bao Zheng, a famous official in the Northern Song Dynasty. He was clear and impartial, impartial, and punished evil for the masses of people, so his descendants were respected.”Haiqingtian” is also well-known, that is, The Ming Dynasty official Hai Rui, he is upright and upright, as an official rather than a dignitary, his life to fight corruption, for the people to seek a happy life, but Hai Rui life of self-surrender, but the end of his miserable old age, people can not help feeling sad.It is recorded in the Biography of Hai Rui in The History of Ming Dynasty that Hai Rui was a native of Qiongshan, Hainan province. In his early years, he failed many times in the imperial examinations, so he was assigned to teach in Yanping Prefecture, Fujian Province, which was different from ordinary private school teachers, but a state official post, which in today’s words is organized.Later, Hai Rui was promoted from Yanping Fu to Chun ‘an County, Zhejiang province as the county magistrate, since then, Hai Rui officially entered the official career, then outstanding achievements and repeatedly promoted, and finally the official to the second grade right imperial.Hai Rui’s career as an official has ups and downs, successive Ming dynasty four emperors, until the fifteenth year of The Wanli Hai Rui died in office, his legendary life was worth a successful end, but for Hai Rui his biggest regret is no children.Hai Rui official residence second product, if it were for other people must be extremely wealthy, but Hai Rui old age even buy a good coffin money, so his death is also extremely simple, people on the street after seeing for its sad.It is recorded in the Biography of Hai Rui in the History of Ming Dynasty that Hai Rui was childless, but it is not that he did not give birth to a son, but they died in infancy unfortunately.Hai Rui’s eldest son was hai Zhongzhi, his second son was Hai Zhongliang, and he had three other daughters. However, these five children all died early due to illness, so modern medical experts speculate that hai Rui’s children died early may be caused by genetic diseases.In his later years, Hai Rui married Qiu shi and had a son, but unfortunately, he too died young.Hai Rui knee has no son, he in order to preserve their own family, and then adopted a child from his cousin Hai Er house, named hai Zhongshi, although hai Rui’s adopted son, but hai Rui treats him as one’s own son.However, the sea is not close to Hai Rui, hai Rui’s teachings do not listen to a word, is completely a rebel, even sometimes do not admit is hai Rui’s son.After hai Zhongshi grows up, Hai Rui wants to let him take part in the imperial examination, the future enters the official career to take own class, but the sea zhongshi never reads, later alone goes out to do business, and this is also the beginning of discredit Hai Rui’s reputation.At that time, the Ming Dynasty had a strict maritime ban, that is, no one could go to sea without permission, let alone have maritime trade with foreigners. However, Hai Zhong Shi blatently violated the maritime ban policy, because he was hai Rui’s son and his family’s influence in the coastal area, so he began to carry out smuggling trade.Hainan areca sold to Quanzhou to buy silk, and then the silk shipped to Nanyang area for sale.Over the years, Haizhong made a lot of money, which Haizhong didn’t know.Later, there was a son named Hai Shuzu, the grandson of Hai Rui.Hai Shuzu was born when Hai Rui has died, otherwise hai Rui if know the sea shuzu dry things must gas of blood.If Haizhong violates the prohibition of smuggling to Hairui to discredit, the behavior of Haishuzu is to bring shame to the whole Haizhong family.It is recorded in documents such as “Hai Tian Xing Ji” that in the late Ming Dynasty, Hai Shuzu not only succeeded his father in smuggling, but also secretly engaged in piracy, and even cooperated with the Dutch, not only robbing merchant ships at sea, but also ruthlessly killing his compatriots.Over time, Haishushu became notorious along the coast and shamed the Haizu family by removing him from the family tree.It is not true that he had no son. He had a adopted son. But people are not willing to admit it.Therefore, later generations in the compilation of historical materials, the descendants of Hairui with “Rui no son”, do not want to because of the sea and sea shuzu father two sully hairui qingming, even if the family is cut off, also can not want this kind of descendants.Nowadays, the Qingming Festival of Hairui has a long history. There are many hairui statues and hairui temples in the civil society, which are also popular and worshipped by later generations.Thus, whether it is a person, or an official, must be upright to win the respect of the people and eternal reputation.Reference materials: “Erpin Hairui” author: Yu Yaohua, publisher: China Founder Publishing House Wenlan Hairun Studio chief editor Wen Xiucai, this article: historical writer: Liu Lijiang