3-1 reversal, la Liga relegation team eruption, 12 minutes into 2 goals, Barca block back to form

2022-04-27 0 By

On February 5, 2022, at 21:00pm Beijing time, the 23rd round of la Liga will be contested by elche, who were ranked 16th before the match, against Alaves, who were ranked second from bottom before the match.Pre-match elche just ahead of the relegation zone 18th in cadiz, 5 points of elche current primary goal is to avoid relegation, of course, but we now though Mired in the relegation zone, but they only fourth safety mallorca 3 points behind, avoid relegation hope is very big still, the game is between the team avoid relegation fight, can be said to be six points a relegation battle.Elche last 4 games in la liga 2 win 2 draw, the state is not bad, especially on a drew away their leaders real Madrid, showed strong will to fight, and Allah is one of the obstacle of Barcelona this season, because they’ve been away draw with Barcelona, but recent 10 games in la liga, they did not win, a state is very bad,But aravis has won her last two visits to Elche.Home elche offering out of the 442 by bowyer, Myra, bardiya, mollen, jointly led by starting at the same time sapa, mas karel, WeiErDu, than, also got a chance to start, and gong pau, John’s card, fadel also starts to battle together, and we are offering a 442,Miguel, Jose Lu, Rioja, Duyaert lead the starting team together, while Escalante, Lejon, Pina, Jason – Remesero also got the opportunity to start, in addition to Laguardia, Martin, Pacheco also started together.In the 18th minute, alaves set up front on the left and the ball carrier swept the ball towards the goal. Jose Lue followed up from the back post with a close-range volley to make it 1-0, with home side Elche trailing.Milla equalised in the 46th minute with a goal for Elche.Milla scored in the 58th minute and Elche scored twice in 12 minutes to put the game ahead.Milla also scored twice.In the 86th minute, Feder scored again and Elche sealed the win.In the end, Elche won.Elche moved up to 14th place on 26 points, just one point behind Espanyol in 13th.Alaves, on the other hand, have been beaten back into the doldrums and have now won 11 La Liga matches.