The most expensive 15 clinch a deal the ETH | well spend on dielectric NFT total valuation of HK $140 million

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Ryan ChiuNFT and the meta-universe are undoubtedly the hottest topic this year. Recently, the focus of the circle falls on Yusuke Hanai.The popular Japanese artist teamed up with ARR’s collection trading platform FWENCLUB to create the NFT collection in his unique down and out style.The first wave of 1,000 heads sold out in seconds at the casting price of 1 ETH (about HK$24,440).At floor price, the 1,000 heads are valued at 6,000 ETH (over HK$140 million).One of the “legend level” heads changed hands at OpenSea for 15 ETH (about HK$366,000), setting a temporary second-hand transaction record.Hanai’s NFT avatar series #407 for KAWS, titled People in The Place They Love, was inspired by hanai’s old frequented bar.Each head has 6 features, which are background, head, body, face, costume and props.Some features are less common, some are more general, second-hand prices are naturally divided by the degree of rarity.Take #407, for example. Although the physical features are relatively ordinary, the head and props are quite impressive:Background | Sand color, 20% head | Gray Beret, 2% Body | Normal, 40% Face | Normal with pink nose, 9% Clothes | Blue Collar T-shirt, 9% Props | Green bottle, 6% Hanai NFT avatars for SK Lam Hanai NFT Avatars for John LinFive are unique – all features are unique, except for the background color.Friends of Hanai include KAWS, Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maazawa, jay Chou, Jj Lin, ARR and SK Lam, founder of FWENCLUB.Take Maezawa’s head for example, the features are as follows: Background | light gray, 20% head | Maezawa’s head, the only body | Maezawa’s head, the only face | Maezawa’s head, the only costume | Space suit, the only prop | Rocket ship, the only of course, these five heads are unlikely to leave the market.Popular Japanese artist Yusuke Hanai’s #216 head, which set a record for second-hand sales, is legendary.There are only 20 of them, and most of them are unique.Checking the records, no. 216 head changed hands on the day of casting for 5 ETH, and two days later for 15 ETH. Its characteristics are as follows:| light grey background, 20% head | ms long hair, the only body | legend, legend face, face | 17, 2% only clothing | a black T-shirt, the only items | parrot, the only as FWENCLUB establish well a exclusive collection community, benefits include artists of preemptive right, yuan 3 d avatar universe of pre-emption rights, as well as the physical goods, etc.,So most first-time buyers decide to hold their heads for the long haul.For this reason, the secondary market is unlikely to be too active.The second and third phases of the Flowwell NFT will be rolled out in the middle of this year.Missed the first wave of the sale of friends, please continue to pay attention to the value of the net report.