Students who want to go to the US have to queue up 100 meters at the airport and get up to 100,000 yuan of air tickets

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Studying abroad is now one of the ways for many students to improve their education. Studying abroad is no longer just for rich families or “excellent students”, and more and more students are joining the ranks of overseas students.With the economic globalization, it has become more convenient for students to study abroad. It is very easy to travel abroad with only one ticket and passport. Studying abroad can help students broaden their knowledge, feel the culture of different countries, and help them better understand the world.”It is better to travel thousands of miles than to read thousands of books.” Sending children to study abroad is also a way of education for many parents. Students are far away in a foreign country and can only study and live by their own abilities, which is also a growing experience.Students studying abroad as “gold” means, more and more common students are generally traveled abroad before, or the university student exchange between the same level, students can go abroad to study abroad, basic it is a leader in the field of, also known as “sea turtles” study abroad come back, parents also have a face to unit of choose and employ persons to her face.Nowadays, studying abroad is becoming more and more popular, and many parents choose to send their students abroad for “gold plating”.Especially the students with poor academic performance, the college entrance examination is hopeless, and they can study abroad directly before the college entrance examination. Because of their general academic performance, they can choose to study abroad institutions of low level, and the knowledge that students can learn is not much.Couldn’t even some chinese-foreign cooperative institution, promoting the international can study abroad, students as long as pay the tuition, can use online classes to study, easy to get foreign university diploma, is actually “buy diploma”, lower the value of the students, in some degree and ability of students has been questioned, unit of choose and employ persons also stopped on the “returnees”.In addition to the impact of the epidemic, it is expected that the number of overseas students will decrease, but there are still long lines of students going to the US at the airport. The air ticket price has soared to 100,000 yuan, and even there is no market price.Studying hundreds of meters long line at the airport, flight at 100000, also stand to enthusiasm at present various countries abroad is still greatly influenced by the outbreak, although also can appear sporadic outbreaks in China, but from a global perspective, is one of the country is safe, but students still want to go abroad, want to go out to study abroad, even if the current international environment is not very safe.In the opening season of this year, a large number of overseas students choose to study abroad, but after a careful understanding of the situation of other countries, it is very difficult to understand why students want to take a huge risk to go abroad?Chinese students are still scrambling to get tickets to the US at a price of 100,000 yuan, sparking controversy online.Why do students want to fly abroad like moths to a flame?The air ticket is expensive, 100,000 yuan is equal to the income of ordinary families in a year, and the epidemic abroad is not optimistic, don’t students have a better choice?Can only go abroad to learn what you want to learn?There are also many netizens wondering, don’t parents worry about students’ safety after going abroad?Is it really worth all the effort, money and experience involved?Perhaps we are not in the perspective of international students, naturally do not know what students think.Why do they rush to go abroad?In fact, most international students are also very helpless, their junior middle school does not want to go abroad, who does not want to stay at home with their relatives?Most international students have reasons to go.Countries pay for students to go abroad, in addition to their body with the expectations of parents and friends, and mission of the country, but they also have the right to freedom of choice, can choose to study abroad, continue to finish school, you should make to not live up to their own efforts and the national culture, many students also volunteered to continue to learn, learning opportunities, after all, very precious.Some students who have no development plan in China have planned their future direction very early. From the beginning, they choose to go abroad just to settle down abroad. They have never thought of staying in China, so no matter how the air tickets and the epidemic change, they will eventually have to return to the normal life.Students who have completed half of their studies abroad can only apply for dropping out if they want to stay in China first. However, if they have completed half of their studies, quitting directly not only wastes their previous efforts, but also needs to start all over again, so students will also choose to go abroad.In addition, the education philosophy and methods are different between China and foreign countries. Many students who have been used to foreign education can hardly keep up with the learning pace when they come back to China, especially those students who have not participated in the college entrance examination. If they do not go abroad, it is unknown whether they can study.Studying abroad does have a lot of benefits, students can also take advantage of the young walk more, but parents should also pay attention to choose a formal way to send students to study abroad, but also to choose the right school, if the students can only go to the bottom of the foreign university study, it is better to study at home, so as not to waste money.Have you ever thought about studying abroad?Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.Pictures from the network, if any infringement please contact delete.For more exciting content, come to huicong teacher