Fools talk with their mouths, wise men with their heads, wise men with their hearts

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Be sure to think before you speak, pay attention to the timing and the situation, weigh the pros and cons of what you say, calm conversation is often more acceptable.On the contrary, if not calm, excessive, overheated rhetoric is not only inappropriate, and will increase the opposing mood of the other side, causing unnecessary trouble for themselves.Probably no one will deliberately try their best to offend others. Most of the time, we offend others not from the heart, but from our own language expression deviation, a little deviation in language expression may lead to the meaning of thousands of miles away from the point.One of the most important things you can do to reduce this unnecessary hassle is not to let your mouth work faster than your brain.The people whose mouth works faster than their brain can probably be divided into two kinds: one is a quick-witted talent who blurts out words, often instantly making people astonished;The other is the person who speaks without thinking, but with limited talent, tends to hurt others, sometimes to the point of no end.The former is a genius, one in a hundred, while the latter can be found everywhere, by the dozen.Speaking without thinking through the brain, it is very likely to offend others but do not know it. When you rush to make up for it, it is often the more urgent the worse. In the end, you say a lot of good things, but people have offended many.A hairdresser’s house was robbed.The next day, the shaver went to the customer’s home to shave his head, with a sad face.Why was the chief adviser worried? The master replied, “Last night the robber robbed me of my savings for a year. When I think about it, I think I just shaved the head of the robber for a year.”The customer is angry and chased, another shaving master.The teacher asked, “You had a teacher waiting on you before. Why change someone?”The customer then explained in detail what had happened. The master nodded and said, “A dumb man like that really loses his job.”The speaker is not intentional, but the listener is intentional, a few words without the words of the brain, produced this kind of misunderstanding that makes a person laugh and cry.A person whose mouth moves faster than his head will make a lot of jokes and even offend others without realizing it.Speaking should pay attention to art, speaking to think before speaking, so as to put the words into the hearts of others, in order to ensure the quality of speaking.Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba, said: “Fools talk with their mouths, smart people talk with their heads, smart people talk with their hearts.”In fact, it’s all out of the mouth.Ma yun means, not through brain thinking or not from the heart, is silly words;A wise man speaks after thinking with his brain.The wise speak not only from the brain, but also from the heart, which is a step up.Xiao Daocheng, the great ancestor of the Southern Qi Dynasty, proposed a calligraphy competition with wang Sengqian, a famous calligrapher at that time. Both the emperor and the minister carefully wrote a regular script.Then King Taizu asked Monk Qian, “Tell me, who is first and who is second?”Unwilling to belittle himself, and afraid to offend the emperor, Wang Seng Qian replied, “The calligraphy of my ministers is the best among them.Your Majesty’s calligraphy is the first among the emperors.”After hearing this, Emperor Taizu of Qi had no choice but to laugh.Wang Seng Qian’s divided answer was quite ingenious. On the surface, he took into account the dignity of the emperor, and the emperor and his subjects should not be compared. In fact, he avoided the problem of not wanting to degrade himself and not daring to offend the emperor.Kill two birds with one stone.Therefore, at any time to think before you speak, never let your mouth move faster than your brain;Otherwise, you are the one who will suffer.So hold your horses and think carefully before you speak.For example, think about who the other person is, where you are speaking, the effect you are likely to have, and make sure that everything you say is helpful and effective.[dog head]# star legend # recommended video →→→ four words to do things, let you find both ways to share the United States, copyright belongs to the original author all, if you have any questions please contact us.Every time you like, comment, forward, we are the best encouragement!