Do not let vulgar broadcast pollution children’s eyes

2022-04-26 0 By

According to a report by Half Moon Talk, in recent years, the Internet regulatory requirements have become stricter, but many vulgar live broadcasts are still repeatedly banned and frequently exploit loopholes.Flaunting wealth, vulgar PK, angry words and other chaotic images in the continuous erosion of the pure mind of minors, especially worthy of high vigilance.In order to protect children from being misled or even destroyed, it is imperative that supervision, platforms and parents work together to create a clean and pure online environment for children.It’s hard for adults, let alone minors, to control the length of short videos.The experience of low-thinking, high-stimulation, high-intensity pleasure, coupled with the platform’s algorithmic push of relevant content, makes it more likely that children will fall into the trap of addiction, rejecting reading, writing, thinking and other tasks that require concentration and mental energy.More serious is, many children just pulled out from the quagmire of the network game feet, and a head into the foul and vulgar broadcast room.There is no such thing as pornographic and violent content in short videos and online live broadcasts.Children are addicted to it for a long time, with disastrous consequences.Vulgar network live broadcast and short video are difficult to monitor live broadcast content, report vulgar content, and family management constraints, but for the sake of children, it is necessary to build a protective net to intercept vulgar intrusion.Recently, Douyin released the announcement of the rectification of unhealthy PK contents. The first one is to prohibit minors from consuming, and it is forbidden for anchors to induce minors to recharge in any form during the live broadcast, or to promote unhealthy value-oriented content to minors, or to deceive minors into giving rewards and other violations.All short video platforms should strictly implement the youth model and really play a “gatekeeper” role.In addition, parents should accompany their children more, and provide more positive guidance and emotional relief channels.Network supervises department, should send force with system as soon as possible more.The regulation on the duration of online games for minors has been effective, and corresponding measures should be taken as soon as possible to address the chaos caused by vulgar live broadcasts that mislead children’s views.(Hou Jiang)