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Article | sina finance and economics Little edit | da-peng han guests: in current Chinese economy, former vice minister of commerce, vice director of the international exchange center Wei jianguo, “China’s development as the center of global kechuang advantages include research and development of the composing of the talent team, research and development costs and time lead.”Wei Jianguo, vice chairman of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges and former vice minister of commerce, told Dadao Zhisheng that In the next five years, China will become a global center of science and innovation.In the past year, global trade has been affected by many negative factors, such as congested ports, obstructed industries and rising prices of raw materials. However, China’s import and export trade has maintained rapid growth. What is the reason?Wei Jianguo bluntly, China’s overall production chain, supply chain stability, to the global buyers and sellers of greater confidence.In addition, China itself is also a huge consumer market, especially the high consumption brought by the 400 million population of the middle class, not only promotes internal circulation, but also attracts the continuous growth of foreign trade.”China’s import and export of goods trade has exceeded expectations, with a double-digit growth trend, and I predict that it will continue to grow by double digits in the future.”Wei said that at the beginning, people thought that the overall import and export trade would rise and fall, or be affected by the epidemic, but it turned out that foreign trade was not affected.According to customs statistics, the total value of China’s trade in goods in the first half of this year was 18.07 trillion yuan, up 27.1% over the same period last year.Of this, exports reached 9.85 trillion yuan, up 28.1%;Imports totaled 8.22 trillion yuan, up 25.9%.Compared with the same period in 2019, imports and exports increased by 22.8%, exports by 23.8% and imports by 21.7%.In addition, according to the Statistics of the World Trade Organization (WTO), in 2020, China’s annual commodity export trade accounted for 14.7% of the world’s total, a record high, and the growth rate is the largest in nearly 20 years.Since the outbreak of COVID-19, rising raw material prices, congestion at ports around the world, obstructed industries, rising prices, including the appreciation of the RMB, and other factors have had a cross-impact on China’s foreign trade. Why is this?In Wei jianguo’s view, The stability of China’s overall production chain and supply chain gives global buyers and sellers more confidence.In addition, China’s double cycle first released efficiency in foreign trade, with the gradual development of the double cycle, the new pattern will continue to gradually release effect.It will lead to better results in consumption and investment, and the effects will become more pronounced.”China’s epidemic control, as well as the stability of the supply chain upstream and downstream, so () to the global trade the reassurance, under such circumstances, China’s merchandise exports not just now, the future will continue to double-digit growth, this double digits can be performance after the outbreak, even after the outbreak of the global recovery is still growth in the future.”Wei jianguo said.”It is expected that China’s foreign trade and import structure will be further optimized throughout the year, and China’s status as a major trading country will be further consolidated.”The Ministry of Commerce also announced at the meeting on December 16 last year that China’s foreign trade maintained a rapid growth in the second half of this year, mainly for three reasons. First, the global economy maintained a recovery trend and external demand improved.Second, despite repeated impacts of COVID-19, there is still a gap between global supply and demand. China continues to meet the demand of international markets and consumers with its complete manufacturing system.Third, rising commodity prices have played a major role in boosting import growth.The number of countries, enterprises, exhibition area and transaction amount of the fourth China International Import Expo in 2021 have exceeded the previous ones.It is reported that the number of participating countries and enterprises in the fourth CIIE exceeded that of the third ciIE, and the total exhibition area was further expanded to 366,000 square meters. The turn-back rate of the world’s top 500 companies and leading enterprises in the industry exceeded 80%.In wei jianguo, a point of view, the exposition of released a signal that is, the huge Chinese market is playing like a magnet, the magnet not only absorbed the world agricultural products, forest products, aquatic products, seafood, minerals, but also attract a lot of high-end consumer goods, finished products, primary products, including luxury goods.”The next step is for China to become a major global consumer of living and a major producer of consumption.”Wei jianguo said.”China is a very large market, especially the high consumption brought by the middle class of 400 million people, which attracts the continuous growth of foreign trade.””The advantages of China’s development as a global science and innovation center include the composition of the talent pool, the leading r&d cost and the leading r&d time.”In the next five years, China will become a global center of science and innovation, Wei said.”For 500 years, five countries, the technology center of the world shifts about every 100 years. The United States became the technology center of the world in the 1940s. How many years has it been?For 80 years.In terms of 100 years, there are still 20 years left. Which country will be the center of science and innovation after 20 years?My answer is China, and by extension, not 20 years, not 10 years, but five years.”Wei Jianguo shared three trends with Avenue Straight. First, global capital has moved east and started to gather in Hong Kong. Such capital is called venture capital convergence, and more innovations are born in this field.For example, big data, cloud computing, 5G, semiconductor and other new materials, new technology, life science, life medicine, elderly health, etc., will unleash more projects.And those programs attract more money, which leads to more talent, and a lot of talent leads to more innovation.System (reform) very important in the process is create cast.The 2nd, talk about create cast, of our country create cast — namely risk investment fund — how ability can accomplish to be in and out freely at this time, need to have certain reform in finance this respect.Nine out of ten projects fail, and one project succeeds. For venture capital, it is a success, which is both a risk and an opportunity.Third, we should arouse the enthusiasm of scientific and technological talents. They are a cell of our entire scientific and technological innovation, and the vitality of each cell rises. China wants to become a global scientific and technological center, and we should embrace the arrival of this scientific and technological center with both hands.”There is still one shortcoming, that is, the ecology of scientific and technological innovation needs to be improved, and the vitality of innovation is still insufficient. We need to think deeply about this.”According to the Statistics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, more than 66 percent of the talented personnel are younger than 44.6 years old.Our r&d expenditure is the largest in the world, and our investment has reached more than $4 trillion, ranking first in the world for consecutive years.What’s more, the overall research time devoted by r&d staff is the highest in the world, with the full-time equivalent average index of R&D staff exceeding 7% for five consecutive years.Wei Jianguo bluntly said, we have a lot of talent team, research and development costs are also a lot, the amount of research and development can also be invested, national laboratories, state key laboratories have, but the vitality of innovation is not enough.In order to deepen the reform of the science and technology system and unleash the potential of scientific and technological innovation, one of the most important aspects is the concept. How to mobilize the enthusiasm of scientific and technological personnel as we did when we developed the “two bombs and one satellite”, especially artemisinin, is not easy, but also worth thinking about.In November 2021, Commission for Deepening Overall Reform of the CPC Central Committee deliberated and approved the Three-year Plan for Structural Reform of Science and Technology (2021-2023).Scheme, points out that to carry out the science and technology system reform, and aim is to enhance the scientific and technological innovation on system and mechanism and emergency response ability, outstanding target orientation, orientation, grasp key, short, strong or weak, anchoring power is objective, accurate, and effective early, we will accelerate the establishment of a security high level science and technology support and institutional system, systematic science and technology innovation ability of ascension.Wei Jianguo said that this is a three-year action plan with very significant impact, enterprises should seize the opportunity, the three-year action plan is long expected by science and technology personnel, hope to come as soon as possible a plan, this action sounded the whole enterprise with the integration of the whole technology.In Wei Jianguo’s opinion, capital follows the market, the market follows the project, the project follows the capital, innovation, innovation and talent, in this closed loop, a very important enterprise is the main body.Therefore, in the three-year action plan, enterprises are pushed to the main body of the whole scientific and technological innovation, and the three-year action plan emphasizes that enterprises are the main body to enter the whole market.For enterprises, this is an opportunity for scientific and technological innovation, especially for the enterprises of science and technology track, they should seize this opportunity.Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the CPC Central Committee has promoted systematic and overall reform of the science and technology system. Basic systems in science and technology have been basically established, and substantive progress has been made in reform of some key areas and links, which has made a lot of tough bones.How does the current national system play its advantage in scientific and technological innovation?Wei jianguo said the key is to release the enthusiasm, drive and energy of scientists and engineers.The situation of “all kinds of researchers compete for freedom in frosty weather” requires institutional efforts, and the key to efforts is to implement the three-year action plan well.Wei jianguo suggested that China’s market is so big that there are more opportunities for private enterprises to achieve carbon neutrality and carbon peak, including 5G, new materials, new technologies, cloud computing, robots, smart cities and intelligent manufacturing. I think this is a big direction for private enterprises in this area.”For enterprises, especially private enterprises, scientific innovation can be said to be a second entrepreneurial opportunity.To seize the opportunity is to seize the aircraft, seize the trend of the whole market, seize the final flow of capital.”In addition, Wei Jianguo also advocated enterprises to pay attention to green economy. The carbon neutrality and carbon peak proposed by the state can be said to be a revolution, a profound revolution.How to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions before 2030, so as to reach the carbon peak in 2030, this aspect of the enterprise should have a sense of crisis, immediately start to take action, and do not hesitate or wait.To review: the first stage: the interview is very serious fund wang qiang: five years, China’s chip come back to Europe and the United States | avenue straight ii: an interview with GSR ventures Ding Jian: human left brain, and will be replaced by AI | avenue straight phase iii: dialogue tsinghua university zhang: AI development should follow the rule of the 3 r | avenue straight stage 4:Interview Zhou Hongyi: incoming building cars too little Internet companies | avenue straight phase 5: an association chairman Mr Zhu xin: low power shortage reason is renewable energy accounted for | avenue straight stage 6: an interview with the Chinese Academy of Sciences academician Shang Tao: capital not to be too involved in technology research and development | avenue straight period 7: Intel Wang Rui:With sprint speed to run a marathon, have the confidence to return to lead straight | avenue issue 8: an interview with freeman shen wei ma chairman: no criticism of the enterprise, means that no one concern | avenue for the ninth straight) : an interview with wang, chairman of the board of the xugong: mixed change, must get the backbone team “bound” to the tenth time: dialogue, lee:Investors don’t want to pay for the traffic startup it for a change of mind | avenue straight issue no. 11: cao yuanzheng dialogue: China to become the developed countries, these problems need to be twelfth layout | road straight ahead: interview nai snow tea peng xin:Don’t do China’s starbucks, hope with shops in New York | avenue straight thirteenth issue: an interview with “long jin lake” total production in winter: global cinema now “window period”, the Chinese film should be straight to layout | overseas avenue