Correct use order of water, milk, cream and essence!Turning it upside down is not only ‘wasteful’ but also ‘bad for your face’

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Since ancient times, girls have never stopped their pursuit of beauty, because keeping beautiful can not only make their body and mind happy, but also leave a beautiful and comfortable image to people wherever we go, which makes us more smooth in work and life.In fact, the simplest and quickest way to improve your appearance is to take care of your skin. Celebrities are the best example. Even though they are over 40 years old, they still look much younger than many of their peers.With the progress of The Times, now there are more and more skin care methods and skills, but xiaobian to remind you that when using skin care products, we must choose according to our skin quality, and to master the correct order, water, milk, cream, essence the correct use order!Tu against the “waste” is not only “face” because our facial skin more fragile compared to other places, and we can see from the image below, facial skin can be divided into three levels, actually each layer corresponds to the penetration and absorption effect is different, so to master the correct order when use protect skin to taste,In order to avoid the use of skin care products waste and damage to the face.So xiaobian sorted out the correct order to protect skin for everyone, this is xiaobian sorted out through accumulated experience, according to such order, ability lets skin each layer gets absorption to maintain.1. Cleansing face though is that we do every day, but if you look carefully will find a lot of people are hurry in when washing a face, so the face will still remain a lot of dirt and grease, secondly we in when washing a face, it is best to use warm water, so as to reduce the incentive for the skin, and make more effective cleaning.2. Water, milk and cream after washing face, resulting in the breathing pores, is a good time to our best hydrating, the first to use toner to hydrate the skin, can through the way of applying or shi fu, small make up like shi fu, because shi fu can deeper moisturizing, and face dry, wet apply the improved effect is better.Dry skin’s friend, because of less oil secretion, so usually face is easy to appear the phenomenon of peeling, drying, filling water is very important, therefore, must be in this step, the outermost layer of skin friends because the face often give oil, so use relaxed a little bright skin water, then is to use lotion or cream.3. Essence is usually keen on skin care sisters should know that the essence of nutrition is very rich, but also other skin care products can not be replaced, of course, this is the reason for its price is more expensive, as a concentrated skin care products, after the use of the skin maintenance effect is beyond doubt.But compared with the essence of price is quite expensive, a “low profile” of the nation’s essence, affordable cheap, content is very durable, small make up have repeatedly repurchase use for a long time, until dry, rough skin is gradually improved, and the facial flaw and splash also slowly fade, very surprising after use.In fact, this essence has been very good reputation and sales, and it has a history of more than ten years. After continuous upgrading and transformation, it is suitable for any type of skin, without causing irritation or harm to the skin, and many skin care bloggers have recommended it.Actually sometimes hold to protect skin, skin condition is worse and worse instead, not because did not pay time and energy to maintain skin well, however the use order that protects skin is wrong, want to find the right direction that protect skin only, tie-in good essence liquid, believe your skin condition also can get improvement gradually.(light)