The first high appearance level compact car of the working class, escape, Lavida or Balai?

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The first high appearance level compact car of the working class, escape, Lavida or Balai?Hey, there you go. I’m looking forward to seeing you at last.I wonder if you are missing me?Sincerely “crab crab” each close give directions, at the same time wish readers a wide range of financial resources into, good luck, xinxiang, without delay, today a main talk about these things:As is known to all, compact, refers to the size in the final analysis, the main engine displacement of 1.6-2.0 litres, not only has a nice view, high level such outstanding advantages in appearance, but also for the whole family to go out for dinner car is a relic of, compact car is in the most congenial surroundings, therefore received most of the partners,This time the author will talk about the shortcomings of 3 kinds of good durable, cost-effective and excellent high appearance level models from objective vision. Compared with other parts of the car review articles, there must be more creative places, I hope you can kindly give advice.Model 1: Yidu sales situation: Yidu is a compact car from Changan Automobile camp. Since its debut, it is absolutely relatively powerful in the market, and the final land price of Yidu is very low, so we must know:Recent escape again on the list, with confidence gains 0.76 w bench, once again won the niche 21, impressive results, progress is very big, at the same time from moving in crouching tiger, hidden dragon of domestic car market has become the most unforgettable, outstanding one of the top popular compact, has successfully defeated many tough rivals in the field of compact.To be honest, Yidu still has many disadvantages. However, I believe that many friends will still choose to believe that yidu’s market performance can be regarded as unquestionable.The reason is obvious, because the runaway market performance is in the eyes of consumers.And no matter its handling aspects or interior configuration and other aspects are absolutely no problem hanging most of the high-end market mainstream compact car models.Many readers have this feeling: The extraordinary core competitiveness of Escape is favored by the market, I believe that it will soon be able to come out on top in the field of compact cars gathered by experts.The whole design of “te” sunshine atmosphere, car paint looks especially eye-catching, at the same time scattered have sent waist line round feeling is full, te accord with my aesthetic style.In addition, the design of the locomotive is particularly dazzling, showing a kind of exhaling language out of the domineering, at the same time the exquisite float convex lines to shape up the shape, very sharp sense of power, and the shining LED headlights combined seamlessly, waist line is also quite sharp, looking very comfortable.Body shape: the front row and internal space of escape is really “thief” big, at the same time make many consumers feel very satisfied, the “style” of storage area is quite reasonable, no doubt is great.Its length 4730mm, width 1820mm, high 1505mm, this space even if the back row space to sit on 3 normal weight female colleagues are not crowded.Therefore, the Escape is enough for a family car, so even 10W upvotes for the escape are not much.At the same time, the trunk volume is also very practical, but also can fit a lot of things.The feeling to the consumer is quite reliable, so the author feels particularly satisfied.Escape motivation, motivation is not weak, its power of 128 ps, and CVT stepless 8 block (simulation) transmission combined together as a set of extraordinary devices, so from the dynamic powertrain can be said to be very competitive, and a feature of the aluminium alloy is to escape, the real advantage of the material is mainly for oxidation resistance is strong.As for the displacement version, the displacement setting of escape is absolutely very good, not only has turbocharged powertrain, but also has the natural suction version. According to the website information, the current displacement of escape is 1.6L and 1.4T.I think the Escape is probably the best looking 10W compact car in the world.The escape movement is very beautiful, the body is full of quite rich technology color, people can not help but move.Second, the ride space is really extreme, it feels very good to sit inside, and it is also very resistant to drive, in the same price of the compact car camp can be said to be very strong.Escape the owner of zhu Da ye said: Escape the fuel consumption performance is a highlight, probably because of changan automobile manufacturers power golden combination, so more to meet the needs of most friends.At present, the next escape in urban areas run relatively more, and then the rest of the day will often run the national highway highway.In addition, the most overpleased me is that the fuel consumption of such a large compact car is not particularly large, the overall fuel consumption is about 7.5-9.3L or so, generally speaking, the fuel consumption is particularly outstanding, in the compact car market must also be able to be counted as low fuel consumption.Therefore, the author is quite proud of himself. What is most praiseworthy is that all his friends around him are unanimous in their praise of yizhi as a masterpiece handed down from generation to generation.But the actual fuel consumption is expected to be much higher if the car is driven in an inaccessible desert.For the next handsome young man, the oil money is a small matter, because usually only need to squeeze a little dinner expenses, tantamount to the oil money to earn back.Therefore, the fuel consumption is a small case.In good conscience, lower fuel consumption is better.Although the friction time of the internal parts is not very long at present, it is expected that the oil consumption of the escape will be lower after the slow running in the later period.Driver analysis: the author thinks that the chassis of the escape motion is a little hard, although it can avoid the escape motion and avoid the swaying situation, but when entering the uneven road, you can feel the car shaking.If your age is relatively old, so sitting inside is likely to feel P can not stand.In addition, the movement of the chassis total wind noise is very harsh, especially when the bumpy road surface will be more obvious, in addition, the process of shifting can faint feel the power is relatively small, ask the customer service terminal shop, to solve the problem.Some friends also reflect these drawbacks: 1. The peculiar smell inside yi Yi is very obvious at the beginning.No2: This Lavida can be said to be a clever combination of stability and movement. I am very satisfied.Intense before the face, and the old one of lavida compared with almost no difference, as if living in the tiger’s head, the first dimension is not quite big, look up is opposite bigger, and enclosed the handle of lavida cleverly decorated with a lot of small chrome plated car high identification of LED lamps is located in the side, at the same time, the night of lavida identification is also quite good,And the side part of the whole body is very lovely, lang Yi lines can be said to be very unique, through to the car’s tail area, strong momentum, and the sense of sport is also particularly foot.And lavida car paint is thin and soft, very wear-resistant.The tail box is relatively good-looking, while the taillight place has added many noble and three-dimensional design details, which is still very eye-catching after being lit in the evening.Overall, lang Yi’s appearance belongs to the mature, sharp style.Subordinates and former relatives around the original buy lang Yi is directed at the beautiful style to go.Brother Zhang, a car repairman, said: I often go to 4S shops offline to have a good time because of my work. At present, I personally feel that the noise reduction effect of cash Lavida is quite in place. Even though lavida is very long, its comprehensive performance is quite good.The third model Bora 98,800 ~ 157,000 Appearance: Bora’s color style I can say is relatively satisfied, especially high-end, China net very follow the current trend of The Times, and even occupy the whole front face of Bora.In addition, bora’s front face position of the LED headlamp shape is quite spiritual, Bora’s chassis is very low, the control is also excellent.I think my relative Kaiborai is also extremely smooth.The waist line of the body used to face all the way through the car’s tail, is very durable, savor, led taillight lit is also very glorious.Especially to the dark as the bottom of the pot as the evening is more bright.In general bora is quite tangible, the whole vehicle gave me a very special sense of fluency.Since I bought Bora, IT has become more and more beautiful.Comments on Bora’s interior: I highly approve bora’s interior: the assembly process is excellent, and the error is small, and the physical button and the physical button below also present transcendent damping effect, which is the evaluation of bora by the public consumers.In addition, the weight of the high-end steering wheel is very moderate, the feel is quite comfortable, the reaction is accurate, the overall driving experience is very good.In addition, the driving seat back of Bora is quite soft and comfortable, and the future feeling is quite good, the interior of the seat is covered by pure natural materials, made and made, and it is quite comfortable to sit on, even if the car ran a lot of “hour”, never feel the lower back pain.Of course, the car needs to be comfortable enough to be worth buying, and bora’s stench is almost non-existent for now.And the noise inside is barely audible.Therefore, bora’s overall driving experience is relatively smooth.Power, instantaneous start can be said to be better, it is cool to stay, the power of the acceleration process without dragging, the car once you generous oil, immediately feel the power of the car is more sufficient.When climbing the hill, the feeling is not very difficult, and the noise reduction processing is relatively in place. The “roar” sound of the machine is not felt at all in the process of acceleration, and the comfort level is relatively high.In addition, because the original power belongs to very good, coupled with the next weekdays to pick up the main, so there is no need to do too much improvement on its power details.Car friends comment 1: Xiaobian private think bora’s appearance is awesome.Bora’s total length is close to 5 m, headlamp shape attracts eyes, brightness is also very good.And the front face of Bora has a chrome plating in the middle of the net, silver-white chrome ornaments and bright eye panel is an organic whole, there are also bright and dazzling irregular headlights, this point is very good.Bora wheel is aluminum alloy, the size is more harmonious, the whole style is very good.This kind of design is very important to me.Also have the line of high-end atmosphere design at the same time, the adornment board surface layer of Bora has faW-volkswagen dazzling sign, reveal pure and fresh and graceful natural and unrestrained.And sound insulation effect in the mainstream of the compact car is the most sharp, I enjoy not impetuous environment.Bora’s trunk space is excellent, even for three or four main air-conditioning units.As a vw compact car, bora’s fuel consumption is also decent.In a word, the price that a treasure comes is quite tall after all, the treasure of the version that matchs high “unexpectedly” need not 15W RMB to be able to take home, since bought a treasure to come after the whole family of the author Gentleman can go out to run occasionally.There are no other complaints.The owner, Mr. Chen, commented on it:Next is the handsome rich generation, likes to meet new friends, so like vanity, featureless compact car I’m not too not bashful go out, but since of the baolai, next every time to go out with wife, children feel very arrogant, touch the steering feel comfortable, at the same time science and technology are also very tall, children often ask me what baolai is outside?I said: Bora is your father’s mobility car.Car friends comment 3:Satisfied, I satisfied with the evaluation is absolutely baolai, brand strength not only, and through efficiency is also very by spectrum, next to the four wheels cars can say, is very popular with many years later finally bought their own baolai, open also feel very comfortable, especially with the boss level of heroism, and baolai fuel consumption is low,Is undoubtedly the appropriate to meet my car needs.Car friends dianping4: Bora control is very good, it looks like an electric car, comments on the models introduced above, in addition, generally speaking, the recommended retail price of models and 4S transaction price is also some differences.The lowest terminal prices of Yidu, Lavida and Bora are 62,900, 102,900 and 100 thousand, respectively.Blink again to the end of this article, do not know which of the above interpretation of the compact car is your favorite?Finally, I sincerely wish all of you good luck and good fortune.If you liked this post, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up.The first high appearance level compact car of the working class, escape, Lavida or Balai?If you want to learn more about car rating, follow us